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Auto Check Elite on Hunter HawkEye Elite®

"I have gained many clients because of other shops performing a poor alignment."


Matthew Roayaee, Team Leader at Auto Check Elite Complete Car Care in Katy, TX, talk about gaining customers who received inaccurate alignments from other shops not using Hunter HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment.

I own a full-scale repair shop that performs maintenance on various makes and models, from trucks to vans and everyday driver vehicles to supercars. As far as Hunter equipment goes, I have two HawkEye Elite® alignment machines, two four-post alignment racks, the Revolution™ tire changer, Road Force® Elite tire balancer, brake lathe and ADAS targets.

I am a big fan of Hunter and have been using their equipment for 15+ years. In my personal opinion (I'm geeky, and I love cars and everything to do with cars), tires are the most important part of your car, considering safety and performance. It does not matter if it is a pick-up truck, high-performance fast car or a minivan, what is between you and the road beneath you are tires. Having a proper alignment will prevent premature tire wear and affect how any car drives.

There are many repair and body shops that don't perform accurate alignments. I have gained many clients that have had a bad experience because of other shops performing a poor alignment that was ruining their driving experience. Those clients could tell the difference after getting a proper alignment at my shop, and they became a raving fan ever since.

Two out of my ten bays are alignment bays with a HawkEye Elite® alignment machine and Hunter's four-post alignment rack. On average, we do 300+ alignments per month; that is more than ten per day since we work 5-day weeks. We can perform a quick alignment check with HawkEye Elite®; and yes, we do that to every car, regardless if they are here for preventative maintenance or repair.

I know that I can be much faster in alignment checks with Hunter compared to any other brand out there. On average, an alignment will take around 30 minutes for all make and models; that is if you know what you are doing and the car does not need any parts that are worn or bent due to an impact. Additionally, people can see everything we are doing during the alignment through a large screen in our lobby. Customers can see live alignment specs and measurements as the alignment is being performed. I would definitely recommend the HawkEye Elite® alignment machine to other shop owners.

I'm a big fan because Hunter Engineering makes quality products, and I've been able to add a large number to my gross sales by utilizing their products.

Matthew Roayaee

Team Leader, Auto Check Elite

auto check elite hunter engineering customer testimonial
auto check elite hunter engineering customer testimonial
auto check elite hunter engineering customer testimonial
auto check elite hunter engineering customer testimonial
auto check elite hunter engineering customer testimonial



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