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Forest River Inc. on Hunter WinAlign® HD

"We have transformed our process into a productive assembly line that makes us money and saves us time."


Scott Chambers, Plant Manager at Forest River Inc. in Elkhart, IN, talks about how WinAlign® HD has transformed their inspection and alignment process to save time and make money.

Since we invested in our WinAlign® HD unit about a year ago, we have had an absolutely huge increase in efficiency.

We have also seen a drastic decrease in the amount of wear and tear our technicians face on a daily basis. They have had no complaints about the new systems and find them extremely easy to use.

With the WinAlign® HD alignment systems, we receive accurate results in minutes. We have transformed our inspection and alignment process into a productive assembly line that makes us money and saves us time.

Our local Hunter team is also attentive and responsive, and Josh has been absolutely great. If we have questions, they are quick to answer or stop by. They even stop in just to check in on us and the equipment. We are very happy with the WinAlign® HD and our Hunter team is always right on top of it.

Scott Chambers

Plant Manager, Forest River Inc.

forest river inc hunter engineering customer testimonial
forest river inc hunter engineering customer testimonial



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