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Vanguard Truck Centers on Hunter WinAlign® HD

"WinAlign® HD has created so much additional business that we have hired another alignment tech."


Craig Robinson, Service Director at Vanguard Mack in Houston, TX, talks about how the drastic increase in revenue from WinAlign® HD truck alignment allowed them to hire another technician.

I had previously had great success with Hunter's passenger alignment systems, and I wanted to implement the same kind of success and process in the heavy-duty world. Hunter's WinAlign® HD was a clear choice, and I am very happy with our investment.

WinAlign® HD has created so much additional business that we have hired another alignment tech. We have also gained customer loyalty and retention by checking every truck that comes to our shop. We then provide alignment results for the customer electronically and our customers have been very impressed by this technology.

WinAlign® HD is incredibly easy to learn and to operate and this saves a ton of wear and tear on our guys. But perhaps the greatest feature of this system is the additional revenue it has created for us!

Craig Robinson

Service Manager, Vanguard Mack Houston



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