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Warren's Tires on Wheels on Hunter HawkEye Elite®

"When we can provide our customers what other shops can’t, we increase customer loyalty and trust."


Warren Smith, Owner of Warren's Tires on Wheels in Greenville, SC, talks about their ability now to correct other shop's mistakes by having a HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment system.

Warren's Tires on Wheels has been family owned and operated, serving the Greenville, SC area, for more than 26 years.

We perform a lot of wheel alignments and when we decided it was time to upgrade to a new machine we went with the HawkEye Elite® wheel aligner. The features were too good to pass up and made it easy to justify the investment. The ease-of-use and increased service speed was a big plus when deciding to choose Hunter. With the HawkEye Elite® we save a lot of shop time, allowing us to increase service revenue. HawkEye Elite® is the latest and greatest, it is easy to operate, and the technicians enjoy using it. The QuickGrip® wheel adaptors are also easy to use.

The HawkEye Elite® has also had a wider impact on our business - a customer came in just last week with a truck that three or four other shops in the area couldn't align. We were able to align his vehicle and perform his needed suspension work as well. When we can provide our customers what other shops can't, we increase customer loyalty and trust.

With the HawkEye Elite® we also invested in a Hunter four-post lift rack. I cannot say enough about this alignment rack. Our ability to service a wider range of vehicles with our Hunter rack has been our biggest area of improvement. I highly recommend it for any shop. It has allowed us to easily service everything from a smart car to a box van.

The support we receive from our Hunter team really makes a difference. We always get what we need, these guys are truly second-to-none. The Hunter HawkEye Elite® is easy to operate, saves us time, and we enjoy using it.

Warren Smith

Owner, Warren's Tires on Wheels

warrens tires on wheel hunter engineering customer testimonial
warrens tires on wheel hunter engineering customer testimonial



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