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Quick Check® Commercial Unmanned Inspection

The best aligner is the busiest aligner


Create consistent alignment opportunities with Quick Check® Commercial unmanned inspection.

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Unlock profit potential with Quick Check® Commercial unmanned inspection


Jump-start your ROI

Keep your equipment producing with a steady stream of high-margin alignments.


Increase opportunities

Scan every truck, every axle, every tire that comes into the shop with no technician required.


Identify all issues

Quick Check® Commercial inspects for camber, total toe, scrub and tread wear in less than 30 seconds.


Take control of your equipment, numbers, and profitability

  • Maximize your shop's performance
  • Monitor your equipment ROI
  • Buy genuine Hunter consumables

Learn more about what HunterNet® 2 does for other Hunter equipment

Aligners are for aligning. Let's get to work!

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