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About Us

People and innovation aligned to drive excellence



75 years of investing in American ingenuity & craftsmanship

Hunter Engineering is proud to be celebrating 75 years of designing and building automotive service equipment in the USA. When you choose Hunter, you're investing in more than equipment, you're investing in the American dream for the working people who design, build, and support the best service equipment in the world.

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Hunter History

Since 1946, when Automotive Hall of Fame inductee Lee Hunter founded Hunter Engineering, the company has built a reputation for innovation and visionary leadership in the application of the newest technologies to automotive undercar service.

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Hunter’s award-winning research and development team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers is responsible for hundreds of patented and exclusive features that make Hunter products the most productive undercar service equipment available.

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Sales & Service

Hunter fields the largest dedicated sales and service force in the undercar service industry. Representatives have an extensive network of support available to provide account assistance, product information and technical support. Customer satisfaction is key to Hunter's success.

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Designed & Built in the USA

Expert assembly goes into each alignment system, tire changer, wheel balancer, brake lathe and other product components. All printed circuit board design and assembly is performed in-house.

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Hunter’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through quality assurance, recycling programs, helping customers make informed, environmentally-friendly decisions, and continuously enhancing green initiatives for a healthier and cleaner world.

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Commitment to quality encompasses all aspects of product design, development, engineering, supply chain and manufacturing to produce products that are supported by expert field service and training with the end goal being customer satisfaction.

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Want to join our team?

Hunter offers many exciting career opportunities in a variety of roles, including engineering, independent sales & service representatives, corporate roles and co-ops/intern positions.

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What's New

hunter heavy-duty alignment pit racks

New Heavy-Duty Pit Racks

Hunter's new P490HD and P491HD heavy-duty alignment pit racks offer easy installation for the shop owner and easy access for the technicians. Accomodte a wide variety of vehicles with two length options. They are the perfect solution for extended vehicles such as motor coaches, whose length and low clearance often prevent them from accessing a traditional rack.

Learn more about heavy-duty pit racks


ADASLink® diagnostic scan tool 

Calibrate ADAS and get full diagnostics using guided processes for more than 25 million vehicles.

Read more about Hunter's ADASLink®


Auto34R Tire Changer

Match nearly all assemblies and wheel sizes automatically, reducing the risk of wheel damage through our innovative telescoping chassis design.

Change the way you change tires


Powered Air Purifying Respirator

These cutting edge respirators developed in partnership can drastically reduce the risk for frontline healthcare workers contracting COVID-19 from their critically ill patients.

Learn more about this partnership

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