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Hunter Sustainability 

Commitment to enhanced environmental sustainability initiatives

Energy Efficiency 

  • Reduced server and PC usage into virtual host sites decreasing energy consumption by 2.5 million kWh annually (2018)
  • Reduced energy consumption 0%+ by replacing air compressor units with variable frequency drives (VFDs) (2014)
  • Increased lighting quality and intensity at workstations by 60% with efficient T5 fluorescent lights (2014)
  • Tank-less on-demand hot water heaters in break rooms and restrooms have resulted in energy savings between 45-60% (2014)

Water Reduction

  • Water efficient faucets have decreased water consumption by 70%+ (2015)
  • Water efficient pressure-assist toilets have decreased water consumption by 80%+ (2013)
  • Lawn and irrigation controllers utilize rain detectors to avoid water use after rainfall (2011)
  • Circuit board washer spray nozzles retrofitted to smaller, high-pressure nozzles reducing water consumption by 57% (2005)

Waste Reduction

  • Mobile app conversion reduced printing by 55% (2018)
  • Paper reduction project reduced paper documents shipped by 58% (2017)
  • Carton consolidation project reduced boxes shipped by 43% (2016)
  • Recycling initiatives

    • Single Stream recycling throughout office reducgin waste by 43% (2011)
    • Factory and office cardboard/paper (2007)
    • Electronics scrap (PC, monitors, electronic boards, etc.) (1990)

Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Paper Reduction

Implemented in selected Hunter product lines, resulting in a 58% reduction in paper shipped and a projected annual 1.3 million sheets of paper saved

The project was implemented across Hunter products shipped, projecting 1.3 million sheets of paper saved over the next twelve months.

The overall result has been a 58% reduction in paper shipped

Water Reduction

Hunter optimizes water consumption by utilizing water efficient urinals, dispensers, and faucets in several bathrooms.

Zum AquaSense Automatic Flushing Valves Image

Zum AquaSense E-Z Flush Automatic Flushing Valves

Scottsman Ice and Water Dispenser Image

Scottsman Ice and Water Dispenser

Electronic Faucets with infrared water activation sensors

Electronic Faucets with Infrared Water Activation Sensors

Office and Cleaning Supplies

Hunter utilizes environmentally friendly supplies that saves money and significantly reduces waste.

Hunter's conversion to environmentally-friendly supplies has reduced waste and produced a cost saving.



Document Production Supplies Program

Hunter supplements its outsourced printing with its own in-house printing department.

Sustainability Practices



Advertising Printing Company, Inc. Logo

Advertisers Printing Company is Hunter's primary paper supplier used company-wide.
Advertisers Printing is one of only 50 U.S. printing companies to have earned SGP (Sustainability Green Partner) certification. The industry standard for sustainability performance.

Advertisers Printing is one of only 50 U.S. printing companies to have earned SGP (Sustainability Green Partner) certification. The industry standard for sustainability performance.



Hunter supplements its outsourced printing with its own in-house printing department.
100% of paper used in-house is supplied by Midland Paper, a national supplier of sustainable papers.

Midland Paper Logo

In-house documents are produced exclusively utilizing Midland Papers. Midland Paper is a nationally recognized supplier of sustainable paper.

Manufacturing Sustainability Initiative



Hunter's Manufacturing Initiatives

Sustainable Packaging and Transport Materials

Sustainable packaging and transport materials consist of carton consolidation, recycled packaging, reusable totes for transportation, and plastics composed of re-ground materials

Carton Consolidation Project

Reduce Waste

43% reduction in boxes shipped

Saves Time

54% reduction in scans

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

All areas of the factories covered:

Receiving Inspection

In-Process Inspection 

Final Inspection

No Idling

Hunter established a no-idling policy for vehicles loading and unloading at shippng docks.

One hour of engine idling...

  • Uses up to one gallon of fuel without offering any payback in freight movement
  • Releases over 20 pounds of carbon into the air, which increases health risks to shipper facility personnel as well as the driver and the surrounding community

Facilities Assessment

Excess of unnecessary truck idling is an inefficient use of diesel, adds costs, and creates addiional emissions

After the Missouri Industrial Assessment Center conducted an assessment at the Bridgeton headquarters in St. Louis and the nearby Maryland Heights Service Center, 8 formal assessment recommendations were made for the Bridgeton location and 7 for the Maryland Heights location.

Implementing these recommendations could result in a 1.4 million pound annual reduction of CO2 being emitted from the facilities. Several of these recommendations have been implemented.

Transport Sustainability

Transport Sustainability Initiative


  • Hunter’s transportation partners are members of the EPA’s SmartWay™ program, which involves companies to voluntarily commit to meet specific environmental and energy-saving goals while sharing progress annually with the EPA


  • Transportation partners are recognized as Inbound Logistics’ Green Supply Chain Partners; companies who demonstrate green results, sustainable innovation, continuous improvement and industry recognition

Hunter's transportation partners

Where partners volintarily commit to practice sustainability

These partners demonstrate measurable green results and sustainability inovation, and continuous improvement as they integrate sustainability into their respective interprises.

  • XPO Logistics

    XPO Transport Badge Logo

    XPO has systems in place to ensure all activiites, products, and waste materials related to contract logistics operations are responsibly managed. Rigorous environmental policies are evident in areas such as:

    • Recycling and waste reduction - facilities recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and electronic waste, and utilize an electronic document respository to reduce paper output. Operations also recycles millions of electronic components and batteries each year.
    • Forklift emission reduction - regularly monitor fuel emissions from facility forklifts, taking immediate action if needed. This preventative maintenance program improves vehicle performance while maintaining air quality.
    • Distribution center practices - ensure optimal carton size is used for each product (purchasing recycled packageing materials whenever feasible).

    For more sustainability information visit their website:

  • Averitt

    Averitt Logo Badge

    Averitt's current SmartWay score is 1.25 - 'Superior'.

    According to the EPA, 'A score of 1.25 represents outstanding environmental performance.These Partners already are utilizing most of the commercially availale fuel saving strategies and are actively evaluating the latest emerging technologies.'

    Since joining the SmartWay program in 2004, Averitt has:

    • Lowered our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by an estimated 27.05%
    • Reduced our nitrogen oxide (NOX emissions by 50.37%
    • Lowered our particulate emissions by 52.37%

    Fore more sustainability information visit their website:

  • Old Dominion

    Old Dominion Badge Logo

    Old Dominion's commitment to sustainability includes:

    • Leveraging new technologies
    • Training our employees and drivers to utiliize new technologies
    • Keeping sustainability foremost in mind

    Fore more sustainability information visit their website:

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