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Return on Investment Calculators

Calculate your Hunter equipment payoff and profits

Wheel Alignment

Calculate your payoff and revenue with the most profitable undercar service.

ADAS Calibration

Become the front-runner in your market by capitalizing on ADAS calibrations.

Unmanned Inspection

Realize your profit potential by checking every vehicle that enters your shop.

Road Force Balancing

Speed up balancing with centering checks and SmartWeight®, and avoid comebacks using diagnostic Road Force measurments.

Revolution Tire Changer

Fully-automatic capability makes the Revolution the easiest to use and most award-winning tire changer in the industry.

Employee Retention

Attract and retain the best technicians by giving them the best equipment to work with.

Mobile Service

Offer a convenient service for your customers and see a quick a return on your investment.

Heavy-Duty Inspection (Fleet)

Reduce fuel costs and extend tire life within your fleet by checking every truck.

Heavy-Duty Inspection, Service

Scan every vehicle, uncover every opportunity, and keep your equipment profitable.

Heavy-Duty Balancing

Make your heavy-duty balancer a profit center by avoiding comebacks in all assemblies.

Heavy-Duty Alignment

Perform fast and accurrate multi-axle truck alignments, alignments in just three minutes with no jacking required. 



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