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Hunter AutoComp Elite® On-Car Brake Lathe

Fast brake service turns profit for your business


More Power

1.5hp motor allows lathe to cut

rotors twice as fast as other lathes


Seconds or less

Average compensation time


Anti-Chatter Technology

Stop chatter before it starts

Hunter AutoComp Elite®

Hunter autocomp elite brake lathe mugshot
1.5-hp motor

provides class leading speed and torque, avoiding the need to drop driveshafts

Up to 150 rpm

Allows you to cut approximately twice as fast as other lathes

Avoid locking differential speeds

on trucks and performance vehicles

Cut more rotors

on high-drag vehicles


Oscillates machining speed to prevent the buildup of vibration

Directly determines copmensation

and eliminates 'wandering'

Intuitive interface

simplifies operation & "on-the-job" training with built-in training videos

Adapter look-up

find requirements and vehicle lug nut torque specs with the built-in database

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Send a message to your local Hunter representative to receive a free pricing quote or product demo.



AutoComp Elite 

Choose the best option for your shop!

hunter autocomp elite brake lathe base model

AutoComp Elite


Includes: Anti-Chatter Technology ACT, 2X faster cuts, 50% more power, variable speed, reverse operation and more.

AutoComp Elite


Includes: Base model features PLUS tablet interface, Vehicle spec database, BitMinder, Language support, training videos.

hunter autocomp elite with digi cal

AutoComp Elite


Includes: Standard model features PLUS Digi-Cal rotor measurement system which compares rotor thickness to vehicle specifications.



Anti-Chatter Technology

Stop chatter before it starts with Anti-Chatter Technology


Smooth finish with Anti-Chatter Technology

Anti-Chatter Technology changes the spindle speed to keep chatter-inducing vibration from starting. Eliminate the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed.


Eliminate the need for silencer bands

No need for hazardous bands, clips or silencer belts needed to control vibration.

Eliminate virtually all buildup of vibration to stop chatter before it starts!

Other Lathes



Chatter can start when machining rotors at a fixed speed. The same way a moistened finger can make a crystal glass sing. By the time the technician hears the rotor singing, it is already too late; the surface has been ruined.

ACT Anti-Chatter Technology

Oscillating speed


ACT varies the spinning speed to keep chatter inducing vibration from starting. This results in a smoother surface finish.

No need for silencer bands

Anti-Chatter Technology means there is no need for hazardous bands, clips or silencer belts to control vibration

Want to see Anti-Chatter Technology in person?

Connect with your local Hunter team to see this exclusive feature.

Better brake service starts with

Increased speed and accuracy

Hunter's AutoComp Elite® on-car brake lathe compensates in under 12 seconds, on average, using direct compensation. Other methods may take up two minutes using wandering compensation.

Automatic Compensation enhances speed and accuracy by calculating the exact position of the compensation plates to eliminate guess work. Direct compensation exceeds the most stringent OE requirements and can make as many as 5 adjustments in a single revolution.

Superior performance features

Easily service difficult vehicles


Service rotors in half the time

The Variable-Speed Drive System allows technicians to resurface rotors at the fastest possible speed without sacrificing quality. Variable speed also means the ACE lathe can avoid locking differentials on trucks and performance vehicles.

Watch the operation video


Don't remove drive train components

Cut rotors on vehicles that have high driveline drag with reverse rotation and an industry leading 1.5-hp motor, making trucks and performance vehicles easy tasks. Helping you avoid adding time to the job and the risk of removing drive train components!

Watch how to avoid locking differentials

Digi-Cal measurement

Instantly measure drum or rotor dimensions and depth of cut

Digi-Cal arm

Measuring system is located in housing on the end of the cutter shaft.


Bright LED light puts light where you need it - on the backside of the rotor.

Does not loose calibration when turned off or stored.



Easy viewing with Digi-Cal screen

Dimensions turn red when attempting to cut rotor below manufacturers specification.



Save space

16 adaptors can be replaced by 5 adaptors


  • 3,4, and 5 adaptors heandle up to 3500 series trucks. 
  • Handles 112mm through 210 bolt patterns.
  • Nearly 100% coverage up to 3500 series trucks with ext. twin cutter.



Send a message to your local Hunter representative to schedule a free on-site demo. 



Convenient controls

Control lathe operation via the on-board control panel or tablet interface

Versatile control

Controls are always upright and easy to read on both sides

Bit Minder

Track cutting bit usage to ensure cut quality and minimize expense

Precision machining

Unique, stepped cutting pattern prevents radial "push-out" effect

Adaptor lookup

Database presents adaptor requirements as needed & vehicle lug nut torque included



Still have questions?

We've rounded up some additional considerations for your brake lathe research

OEM approvals

Approved & recommended by multiple OEM partners

Customer stories



Are you ready to turn more profits with the AutoComp Elite®?

Contact your local Hunter representative for a free quote.





Your local Hunter service representative can answer questions, help with equipment operation and provide on-site training.




Extended Twin Cutter Tool


Expands the diameter and offset capacity to service larger rotors found on medium-duty vehicles

Allows servicing of rear rotors with integral parking brakes commonly found in late model trucks

Combo Kit (Ford, GM, Ram)


*This kit requires a separate purchase of the extended twin cutter: 20-3092-1

2500/3500 Trucks


*This kit requires a separate purchase of the extended twin cutter: 20-3092-1


Ford Adaptors


*This kit requires a separate purchase of the extended twin cutter: 20-3092-1

GM Adaptors


*This kit requires a separate purchase of the extended twin cutter: 20-3092-1

Ram Adaptors


*This kit requires a separate purchase of the extended twin cutter: 20-3092-1




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Designed & Built in the USA

Family owned, goal-driven

Expert assembly goes into each alignment system, alignment console, tire changer, balancer, brake lathe and other components.

Hunter service

Largest in the industry

Hunter deploys the largest service force of highly-qualified representatives in the industry.

Innovation Team


Hundreds of patented and exclusive features begin with the research and development team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers.

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