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A Career In Sales At Hunter Engineering Company

Good Reasons for a Career Move to Hunter Engineering

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The Rewards of Independence

As an independent Hunter Sales Representative, your earnings are directly determined by your personal drive and selling skills. Yet at the same time, you benefit from the support organization of a recognized leader in the automotive service equipment industry.

Sell the Top Product Line

Hunter products are engineered with state-of-the-art technology and features that give you a competitive edge. With the broad Hunter line and ongoing new product introductions, you'll continue to develop new customers and build additional sales from existing ones.

Work with the Industry's Best Distribution System

The Hunter Franchised Distributor for your territory also contributes to your success. As an experienced participant in the automotive service equipment market, the distributor is expected to generate additional sales contacts, maintain stock of Hunter equipment, deliver equipment and set up any financing arrangements required by the customer. Many distributors provide facilities for product demonstrations and technical seminars.

Support from the Industry's Best Service Force

Hunter service is a strong selling point to use with your prospects. Your sales efforts are matched by the efforts of a Hunter Service Representative in your territory. With over 300 of them in the field, there usually is a Hunter Technical and Training Representative within a three-hour drive of every customer, able to handle most emergency calls the same day.

To support the Technical and Training Representative, the Hunter Super Service Center provides next-day availability of over 3,000 different parts and accessories.

Hunter's service commitment lets you spend your time building sales instead of handling problems. In addition, the Technical and Training Representative has a vested interest in your sales success, and is an ongoing source of leads.

The Hunter Service Representative in your territory is a key factor in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, enhancing your opportunities for repeat sales.

Lee Hunter
State-of-the-Art Technology Brings Continuing Opportunity

Hunter Engineering Company was founded in 1946 by Lee Hunter, who had already earned a reputation as an inventor in the automotive service field. Hunter pioneered four-wheel alignment in the '70s, and in 1980 introduced the industry's first alignment system using a CRT method of display. The company has grown dramatically in the past decade, applying state-of-the-art technology in an expanding product line. Lee Hunter formed Hunter Engineering Company around one of his inventions, an on-the-car wheel balancer he called the 'Tune-in.' He recently was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame, joining such outstanding industry leaders as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone.

For more information on Hunter Engineering's history, click here.

State-of-the-Art Technology Brings Continuing Opportunity

Strong focus on technology has made Hunter the world leader in computerized wheel alignment systems. Continuing introduction of enhanced products like the Series 811 Computerized Wheel Alignment System opens new sales opportunities with current users.

Development of state-of-the-art products for the heavy duty truck market has continued to expand sales potential.

DSP 9000 Computerized Wheel Balancer is the first to utilize digital signal processor technology for unprecedented imbalance determination, even while the wheel is still accelerating under power.

The B400 Computerized Brake Tester has won acceptance from state vehicle inspection agencies and from service outlets interested in building brake business.

Sales Training
Advanced Training for the Sales Professional

Your initial training program involves a five-week session at the Hunter Research & Training Center. This training focuses on product and application knowledge.

While gaining experience in the field, you will have opportunities to attend training sessions for professional skills updates and the introduction of new Hunter products. These sessions will continue to occur at various intervals throughout your career.

Technician training courses for Hunter customer personnel are available at Bridgeton and at the regional centers.

Support with Sales Aids, Advertising, Direct Mail

Full-color multi-page brochures are available on every major product to help you communicate key features and benefits. You are also supported by Hunter ads in major trade publications. Direct mailings are made several times a year to a list you have qualified personally, with costs shared by you and Hunter.

Strong National Account Base

Hunter equipment is approved for the programs of virtually every major automobile and truck manufacturer, tire company and automotive service chain. Hunter Regional Managers maintain contact at the headquarters level, paving the way for sales in your territory.

Click here to see a list of Hunter's major customers.

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