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AutoAuth Secure Gateway Process

In 2018, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA US) (now Stellantis) implemented the Secure Gateway Module. This security feature protected many of the on-board control modules against security breaches by placing them behind a firewall. To access the Secure Gateway Module and perform required services, the diagnostic scan tool must be approved and certified by FCA US.

Hunter Engineering Company has worked with FCA US to provide independent shops and their technicians the ability to work within these security features and perform the necessary diagnostic procedures on FCA vehicles.


1. Shop Owners and Techs – all start with REGISTER NOW to set up account



2. Standard account setup process



3. Confirmation page, now go confirm email



4. Click "Verify Email"



5. Confirmation



6. This is where there are instructions for Shop Owners to create Shop Account (Service Center Signup) or Techs to give their manager their username.



7. Back to Login Screen



8. Shop Account Setup

  • Create Shop Name
  • Enter Previously created username/password
  • Credit Card info for $50 annual fee



9. Now my profile has changed to Shop and I can Manage Tools and Manage Users



10. To ADD TOOLS, click drop down box, select Manufacturer (Hunter), select All Models, then carefully enter the serial number from the back of the Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI).



11. To ADD USERS, insert AutoAuth username of techs that want to use approved tools


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