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Intuitive wheel balancers that offer upscale, premium features.


Hunter Standard Balancers

hunter standard wheel balancer lineup
SmartWeight® Pro wheel balancer with technician
technician using hunter gsp9200 touch
hunter standard wheel balancer lineup
SmartWeight® Pro wheel balancer with technician
technician using hunter gsp9200 touch
Wheel Balancer

Standard Wheel Balancers

Intuitive wheel balancers that offer upscale, premium features.

Hunter's standard wheel balancers feature patented SmartWeight® technology, built to improve balance, minimize weight usage and maximize productivity.

Features at-a-glance

  • SmartWeight® Technology
  • CenteringCheck®
  • On-Demand Videos
  • Easy-to-use interface

Specifications at-a-glance

  • Up to 508 mm
    Max Width
  • Up to 762 mm
    Max Rim Diameter
  • Up to 61 kg
    Max Tyre Diameter
  • Up to 135 lbs
    Max Tyre Weight



Product family at-a-glance

SmartWeight® Pro

Space-saving hood design
  • Single-knob interface
  • No-touch wheel measurement
technician using hunter GSP9200 touch


Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • ECAL auto-calibration
  • Touchscreen interface

Road Force® Elite

Detects radial force
  • Diagnostic load roller
  • Identifies vehicle pulls



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Provide the "new car ride" for your customers

Diagnose and solve wheel viration issues that would otherwise cause a customer to come back upset. Hunter's Road Force® Elite wheel balancer is a technician-favorite.

Solve vibration problems in your shop



SmartWeight® Pro features

Single-knob navigation

Standard-single knob navigation simplifies experience.

No-touch measurement

No-touch wheel measurement provides full wheel measurement without contact.

Space-saving design

A space-saving hood design and small-format maximizes shop space and allows machine to be installed against wall.



Are you ready to save weights in your shop?

Contact a distributor near you today for a quote.

GSP9200 features

Touchscreen navigation

Interactive display with live 3D graphics intuitively guides technicians through balancing procedures.

On-screen instruction

High-definition videos provide instruction on a variety of balancing and tire changing topics.

Automatic mode detection

Eliminate the need to select the balance mode and reduce service time and possible mode entry errors. Flip up for clip weight mode and down for tape weight mode.






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We have listed some things to consider when chooding a wheel balancer.


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Explore further

Road Force® Elite

Wheel Balancer

The world's fastest diagnostic wheel balancer; providing a faster balance than any traditional balancer.


WalkAway™ from your tire changer

WalkAway™ from your tire changer to perform other tasks while it automatically demounts the tire.

Designed & Built in the USA

Family owned, goal-driven

Expert assembly goes into each alignment system, alignment console, tire changer, balancer, brake lathe and other components.

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