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road force elite

Road Force® Elite Diagnostic Wheel Balancer

The Road Force® Elite diagnostic wheel balancer delivers exceptional balancing service and performs a Road Force® and balance faster than a traditional wheel balance. The Road Force® Elite solves wheel vibration problems that traditional wheel balancers can't fix. This diagnostic wheel balancer machine detects non-balance, radial-force related problems associated with tire uniformity, tire and rim runout, wheel to balancer mounting errors and improper bead seat of tire to rim.


Unmatched Speed!

Perform a Road Force® test and balance faster than any traditional balancer!

Vision System

More information in less time eliminates costly errors

Diagnostic Load Roller

Solves vibration problems, Identifies vehicle pulls & Provides "new car ride"

Automatic CenteringCheck®

Automatic CenteringCheck® always monitors wheel centering to reduce setup errors.

Enhanced SmartWeight®

Get even better balance, maximum efficiency & more single weight solutions with the Road Force balancer.

Balancer Report Card

Balancer Report Card scans the wheel and determines where the technician placed the wheel weights.

Touchscreen Interface

The Road Force® Elite dianostic wheel balancer features an intuitive interface allowing you to quickly train new technicians


View balancer usage & track weight usage with HunterNet®


Ensure proper centering & eliminate setup errors with CenterCheck®, standard on the ForceMatch® truck wheel balancer.

eCal Auto-Calibration

With the Road Force® Elite diagnostic wheel balancer, get true "self-calibration" with no operator input required

On-Demand Videos

Simplify training & improve results with on-demand videos from Hunter.


View reset procedures, updateable database & produce hard copy pages by adding an optional printer

Live 3D graphics

Make balancing faster and easier with live 3D graphics on the Road Force® Elite diagnostic wheel balancer.

Most durable shaft in the industry

No other wheel balancing shaft can match the durability of the Road Force balancer.

Servo Stop drive control

Automatically rotates and holds wheel at top-dead-center or bottom-dead-center weight locations.

Bottom laser and wheel light

Eliminate errors and make wheel balancing easier with Hunter's exclusive bottom laser and wheel light.

Integrated Inflation Station - RFE

Quickly inflate tires right from the wheel balancer with Hunter's integrated inflation station.


Clamp wheels automatically, save time and effort, & eliminate wingnut

HammerHead® laser

Greater weight placement accuracy to avoid mistakes & more single-spin balances improve productivity

Printer kit with storage shelf*

Win more approvals with clear and informative printouts

Featured Videos

Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer

Équilibreur de roue Road Force Élite



Road Force® Elite Brochure

The World's Fastest Diagnostic Balancer

Road Force® Elite Brochure (Spanish)

The World's Fastest Diagnostic Balancer

Wheel Balancer Accessories Brochure

Wheel Balancer Accessories

Road Force Elite® Spec Sheet

Road Force Elite® Specifications Sheet

spec sheet

productivity technology

vision technology unlocks more benefits in less time!

Reduce operator error with the Road Force® Elite balancer.

  • Automatically measures wheel dimensions

  • Automatically selects weight mode

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The Road Force® Elite diagnostic wheel balancer performs up to 47% faster than previous models

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A tale of two shops

At a Road Force® Elite shop, a tire is balanced in less time with Hunter’s Road Force® Elite premium diagnostic wheel balancer.

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StraightTrak® corrects tire pull

When a customer complains about their vehicle pulling to the left, perform lateral force measurement without time penalty using the Road Force® Elite diagnostic wheel balancer.

Hunter suggests optimal wheel placement just like OE manufacturers.

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Enhanced SmartWeight®

Additional weight locations save time and money.

Watch your savings grow with the Road Force® Elite diagnostic wheel balancer!

  • See weight and labor savings based on your shop's numbers

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