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A Career In Technology & Training with Hunter Engineering Company

Good Reasons for a Career Move to Hunter Engineering


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The Rewards of Independence

As an independent Hunter Technical & Training Representative, your success is directly determined by your personal drive and skills. At the same time, you'll have the support of a recognized leader in the automotive service equipment industry.

You'll use multiple skills: troubleshooting electronic and mechanical systems, performing repairs, training equipment users, interacting with technicians and shop owners.

You'll install and train technicians on state-of-the-art equipment. You'll operate from your service van and your in-home office. Today's communication and computer technology puts your customers and Hunter resources at your fingertips.

Your Efforts Directly Affect Your Compensation

Hunter's service force is unique in the industry. All service income goes directly to the Representative who performs the service; Hunter does not take a percentage. As a result, Hunter T&T Representatives have a low turnover rate. Among those past their first year of service, the average is over seven years, with many in the 20-year category.

Work With Hunter's State-of-the-Art Equipment

Hunter Engineering Company was founded in 1946 by Lee Hunter, recently inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. Hunter pioneered four-wheel alignment in the '70s, and in 1980 introduced the industry's first alignment system using a CRT method of display. The company has grown dramatically in the past decade with an expanding product line.

See more information on Hunter Engineering's History.

Start With An Existing Customer Base

Hunter equipment is already extensively used in your territory. It is approved for the programs of virtually every major automobile and truck manufacturer, tire company, and automotive service chain. It is also the equipment of choice for a wide range of independent service outlets.

See a list to see a list of Hunter's major customers.

Training Never Stops

An extensive training program begins with a eight-week technical session at the Hunter Technical & Training Center in Bridgeton, Missouri. Through semi-annual service training meetings, you'll keep up-to-date on new equipment with advanced training in Troubleshooting, New Product Operation, Training Techniques, Software Orientation and Special Accounts Programs.

The Hunter Technical & Training Center

Hunter’s Technical & Training Center is located on the Bridgeton, Missouri headquarters campus. It has a dozen training bays, fully-equipped classrooms and a faculty of ASE certified instructors/technicians.

Regional Training Centers Located Across the Country

Hunter's nationwide network of Regional Training Centers offers additional support for service representatives. The ASE-certified instructors/technicians provide training on every new Hunter product. Hunter’s coursework itself is also ASE certified, and undergoes frequent evaluation and modification to produce the best training outcome possible.

Hunter Super Service Center

The Service Center provides over 5,100 parts and accessories to support your and your customers. Extended operating hours, from 7 am to 6 pm (Central Time), accommodates order processing from all time zones.

Its centralized location provides regular and overnight service; currently shipping 350-500 packages per day. Emergency parts orders can be shipped overnight to any place in the “lower 48” states.

The Super Service Center's new technology support Repair Lab is responsible for equipment repairs that Hunter service representatives cannot make on-site. To assist you with troubleshooting, the Repair Lab maintains an inventory of Hunter alignment, balancing, tire changer, brake service and safety inspection lane equipment. If necessary, you can access immediate technical assistance from Super Service Center Repair Lab technicians.

Your Hunter Regional Manager

Your regional manager will support your efforts and provide a link to Hunter resources. Within your territory you'll have a mutual support relationship with the Hunter Sales Representative. Just as your training and service capabilities are an important selling point for Hunter equipment, the effort of the Sales Representative will continually expand your customer base.

The Hunter Franchised Distributor for your territory supports the marketing efforts and delivers Hunter equipment to customer locations. Many distributors provide facilities for product demonstration and technical seminars.

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