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Auto Hall of Fame

Auto Hall of Fame

In 1992 Lee Hunter was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame Award is presented to individuals who have made a dramatic impact on the development of the automobile or the automotive industry by introducing, or assisting in the introduction of, historically significant change in products, processes or concepts. Lee Hunter is in illustrious company.

Windows World Open Windows World Open
In 1998, Windows World Open, the premier international competition that honors the best in custom Microsoft Windows®-based software development, honored Hunter's PicEdit image processing and translation software as a finalist. 

PicEdit is the program that allows authoring and translating of the digital photos used in Hunter's Windows®-based WinAlign® alignment system program.

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates Microsoft CEO Bill Gates congratulates Hunter President Steve Brauer
Hunter CEO, Steve Brauer, met with Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates, at a 1998 United Way Gathering in St. Louis. 

Recalling Hunter's WinAlign® Alignment Software Award at the '98 Windows World Open, Chairman Bill said he would be honored to send along his congratulations to the software development group at Hunter.

Professional Tools & Equipment News
Professional Tool & Equipment News has named Hunter's equipment a winner of its Innovation Award. The award showcases new shop tools and equipment that help technicians work quicker, smarter and more efficiently.

2014 Revolution Tire Changer
2014 Revolution™
Tire Changer
PTen Innovation Award 2014
2014 Revolution™
Tire Changer
2009 Auto34
2009 Auto34
PTen 2008 GSP9700
2008 GSP9700

Top 20 Tools Awards
Each year the editors at MOTOR Magazine select the 20 latest and greatest products of the world’s automotive tool designers, manufacturers and suppliers that are truly new and innovative. Hunter has received sixteen Top 20 Tool awards in the 20 years of the award's existence.

Top 20 Tools Award 2014
Revolution™ Tire Changer
Top 20 Tools Award 2012
Quick Check™
Top 20 Tools Award 2011 HawkEye Elite
HawkEye Elite®
Top 20 Tools Award 2010 TCX575
Top 20 Tools Award 2009 CodeLink
Top 20 Tools Awards HawkEye Power Bay 2008
HawkEye® Power Bay
Top 20 tools Awards 2007 GSP9200
Top 20 Tools Awards 2005 Centering Check
Top 20 Tools Awards 2003 DSP600
Top 20 Tools Awards StraightTrak 2002
Top 20 Tools Awards 2001 WebSpecs
Top 20 Tools Awards 2000 VirtualView
Top 20 Tools Awards 1998 GSP9700
Top 20 Tools Awards 1996 TC350
Top 20 Tools Awards CD Video 1995
CD Video Just-In-Time Training
Top 20 Tools Awards 1994 Cordless Wheel Alignment Sensors
Cordless Wheel Alignment Sensors

Top 10 Tools Awards
Undercar Digest readers cast their votes each year for up to ten of their favorite tool and equipment products. Winners are announced in the spring.

Top 10 Tools 2012 QuickCheck
Quick Check™
Top 10 Tools 2010 CodeLink
Top 10 Tools 2005 OCL400
Top 10 Tools 1999 ExpressAlign
Top 10 Tools 1998 Tools & Kits
Tools & Kits
Top 10 Tools 1997 411 Alignment
411 Alignment

TechShop Top 5 Tools Award
Only 24 manufacturers in the US were awarded this honor. Award winners are determined based on the number of times a company or product is mentioned by shop owners and technicians in the past six issues of TechShop in the Top 5 Favorite Tools Section.

TechShop 2009 P811 Aligner
2009 P811 Aligner
TechShop 2007 411 Alignment
2007 411 Alignment
TechShop 2007 DSP600 Sensors
2007 DSP600 Sensors

Missouri Society of Professional Engineers
Judged on the basis of engineering ingenuity, functionality, safety, packaging, and economic contribution to the State of Missouri.

2006 DSP600 Sensors Award
2006 DSP600 Sensors
2005 New Product DSP600 Sensors Award
2005 New Product DSP600 Sensors
2004 New Product OCL400 Award
2004 New Product OCL400
2003 Product of the Year GSP9700 Award
2003 Product of the Year GSP9700

Frost & Sullivan Award 2011 Frost and Sullivan Innovation Award - HawkEye Elite® Alignment System
Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has demonstrated uniqueness in developing a technology, which significantly impacts both the functionality and the customer value of new products and applications. The award lauds the relevance of the innovation to the industry.

Mercedes-Benz Quality Certificate Mercedes-Benz Quality Certificate
In late 2000, Stuttgart-based Rainer Hirn and Hanz-Werner Schneider, representing DaimlerChrysler AG Service Engineering, and Armin Nickel, representing Mercedes-Benz USA, toured Hunter's engineering, design, production and training areas for a closer look at quality systems, manufacturing processes and management. Based on their findings, Hunter was awarded the DaimlerChrysler Zertifikat for “Quality Management for Workshop Equipment 1.0 for DaimlerChrysler AG workshops worldwide.”

Kevin Rogers 100 Producers for 2001 Kevin Rogers Named one of the Top 100 Producers for 2001 by Producer
Hunter Video Production Manager Kevin Rogers was recently named one of the Top 100 Producers for 2001 by Producer, the nationally circulated video and multimedia magazine. Producer annually spotlights 100 industry professionals who have “…raised the standard for non-entertainment media.” Rogers' production team of engineering, videography and training staff create the diagnostic, informational and training videos and animations found in Hunter's award-winning WinAlign® Alignment Software.

NewMedia Invision Award 1995 NewMedia Invision Awards
In 1995, NewMedia, a leading computer industry publication, awarded Hunter a Gold Award for WinAlign® Software. In 1996, NewMedia awarded Hunter a Gold Award in two categories for use of the World Wide Web for training and support.

Rick Brandt MVP by Microsoft Rick Brandt Named Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft
Rick Brandt, whose career at Hunter has taken him from repair technician to Director of I.T., was recently named a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft Corporation. The award is presented annually to individuals who are exceptional in their support of Microsoft technical communities worldwide.

AV Video Multimedia Producer New Age Award AV Video Multimedia Producer New Age Award
Hunter's in-house video production team was named one of four winners of the 2000 New Age award presented by AV Video Multimedia Producer magazine, for segments they produced for the VideoTech® Diagnostic Video Software Feature integrated into Hunter WinAlign® Software. Hunter won the award for “Best Communication of an Idea” in the Composite Live-Action Video and Animated Spot category.

Babcox Publications Top 5 Tools Award Babcox Publications Top 5 Tools Award
Babcox Publications, Akron-based publisher of Brake & Front End, Tire Review and other automotive industry trade magazines, announced Hunter as the winner of its 2007 & 2008 Top 5 Tools Award, and 2000 Reader's Choice award for advertising.

Hunter Engineering wins 2016 Automotive Communication Award! 2016 Automotive Communication Award
Hunter Engineering Company has been awarded the Women in Auto Care 2016 Automotive Communication Award for in both the Magazine Article category and the Merchandising category. “Hunter Engineering is honored to win two 2016 Automotive Communication Awards. Both award-winning entries show Hunter’s dedication to being a true partner for vehicle service providers.

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