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2004 Hunter Highlights

Vol 107s View PDF (English)

  • Year-End Review of New Products
  • New Hunter Digital Imaging Alignment Systems Approved by German Automakers
  • Newest WinAlign® Software Adds Features and Capabilities to Meet Specific OEM Requirements and Speed Alignment
  • Hand-Held Ride Height Remote Provides Exact Measurements in Seconds
  • New Wheel Adaptor Design Provides Extended Range Needed for Today's Specialized and Oversized Wheels
  • Mobile Sensor Storage Keeps Order in Alignment Bay
  • GSP9700 Upgrades Adapt to Market Trends
  • GSP9600 Offers QuickMatch™ Match-Mounting in a Mid-Range CRT Balancer
  • New Hunter OCL400 On-Car Brake Lathe Features Include Anti-Chatter Machining
  • HunterPro™ Lathe Packages Match Equipment to Shop's Exact Service Needs
  • DSP506T Sensors Increase Service Capability of Heavy-Duty Alignment Systems
  • TC2450HD Tire Changer for Heavy-Duty Truck Wheel Service
  • W811-19-T Wall-Mount Console Option Ideal for Mobile Heavy-Duty Wheel Alignment Operators
  • SS100 and SS100T Sideslip Meters Add Computing and Software Power
  • RX-DC Lift Meets Specific Requirements for Aligning Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

Vol 106 View PDF (English)

  • BMW Group Approves Hunter's New KDS II Alignment Systems
  • Hunter Shows New Technology to Record Attendance at Industry Week
  • SS100 and SS100T Sideslip Meters Add Computing and Software Power
  • Powder Coated Lift and Alignment Products Offers Exceptional Durability and Appearance
  • Hunter visitors: Goodyear, Ford Motor Company

Vol 105 View PDF (English)

  • DSP600 Digital Imaging Alignment Sensors Approved for Mercedes-Benz Service Worldwide
  • Hunter Innovations Draw Crowds at Automechanika
  • New Hand-Held Ride Height Remote Provides Exact Measurements in Seconds
  • National Meetings Bring 300 Hunter Sales Representatives to St. Louis
  • 600-Ton Niagara Brake Press Installed at Durant Alignment Rack Metal Fabrication Line

Vol 104 View PDF (English)

  • New Hunter GSP9600 Offers QuickMatch Match-Mounting in Mid-Range CRT Balancer
  • New OCL400 Anti-Chatter Technology Eliminates Fixed Speed Machining Vibration Problems
  • New Mobile Wheel Adaptor Storage Cart Helps Keep Alignment Bays Running Efficiently
  • Kenny Smith Named New Orleans Regional Manager
  • New DSP506T Sensors Improve Service Capability of Heavy-Duty Alignment Systems
  • Hunter visitors: BMW, Volkswagen Audi of North America and Equipment Solutions

Vol 103 View PDF (English)

  • Redesign Speeds Access to Information and Services
  • B400T Brake Tester Meets High Throughout Requirements of Miami-Dade County
  • WinAlign® 7.2 Software Offers New Features and Enhancements to Speed Alignment
  • Hunter Supports SkillsUSA Champions
  • New TC2450HD Tire Changer Makes Heavy-Duty Wheel Service Faster, Easier

Vol 102 View PDF (English)

  • President Bush Visits Hunter
  • GSP9700 Upgrades Adapt to Market Trends
  • Society of Professional Engineers Names OCL400 a Best New Product
  • Hunter Shows Newest Technology to International Markets at Reifen 2004
  • David Newton Named Portland Regional Manager
  • Hunter Hosts Mercedes-Benz M-100 Group
  • Hunter visitors: Hunter Heavy-Duty Truck Service Equipment Distributors

Vol 101 View PDF (English)

  • Hunter Road Force Measurement Technology Supports Hoosier Racing Tire Program
  • Hunter Offers Year-Round Brake Testing Capability to Buffalo-Region Transit Authority
  • New HunterPro™ Lathe Packages Match Equipment to Service Needs
  • Hunter's Decade of Support Recognized by AMRA/MAP
  • Hunter visitors: Pogliani & Rivolta S.p.A. and Rivolta TecnicAuto, S.A., Kumho Tire and SWEEM

Vol 100 View PDF (English)

  • Volkswagen AG Approves DSP600 Sensors for Workshops Worldwide
  • Hunter Honors Top Performing Sales and Service Organization Members
  • Customers Invite Hunter to Show New Equipment Designs and Technology

Vol 99 View PDF (English)

  • New Hunter On-Car Brake Lathe Cuts Rotors Faster!
  • DSP600 Alignment Pits Help Boost Belle Tire Productivity and Profits
  • Chicago-Area Heavy-Duty Service Operator "Heads to the Races" on Hunter
  • Factory Training Keeps Hunter Sales and Service Teams in Peak Form
  • Hunter visitors: Lappen Automotive, TBC Corporation

Vol 98 View PDF (English)

  • Sears Automotive Group Completes Systemwide Upgrade to Hunter Digital Imaging Alignment
  • Hunter Shows Newest OE Equipment Solutions at NADA
  • Hunter Appointments
  • First DSP9600 New Generation Balancer Christened
  • Hunter visitors: Canadian Tire, Ford Rotunda, Freightliner

Vol 97s View PDF (English)

  • Hunter Supports OEM Programs and Initiatives to Increase Dealer Service Profits
  • Ford Upgrades Factory Alignment Audit to Hunter Digital Imaging Systems
  • Ford Rotunda Approves New Hunter On-Car Rotor Lathe for Dealership Service
  • Hunter Offers Ideal Equipment Solution for GM Wheels Sales and Service Initiatives
  • New Volkswagen Audi Group Service Engineering Garage Features Hunter Bay
  • Hunter Equips Toyota Service Development Program
  • UnitedAuto Group Showcase Dealerships Feature Hunter Service Equipment
  • Hunter Releases GSP97BMW for Dealership Service
  • Nissan Training Centers Equipped for Hunter Certified Road Force Management Instruction
  • American Honda Motor Company Technical Training Centers Choose Hunter
  • Mercedes-Benz USA Education and Training Centers Chooses Hunter
  • "team PSE" Dealership Services Approves New Hunter On-Car Rotor Lathe