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Garage Space Saving Ideas

August 31, 2015

Saint Louis, MO - 

An efficient auto repair shop, equipped with profitable garage equipment, is essential for success in today's competitive auto service market.

Many shop owners assume they don't have enough space to install top line equipment and end up short changing their profits by settling for basic, less capable product. However, with the wide selection of commercial garage equipment available today, you can typically make your best equipment choice work in a similar, or even smaller footprint than the basic setup you may have been considering.

Let's use a wheel alignment system as an example. SUVs and light trucks continue to increase in width, length, and weight while ground clearance on many common passenger cars has actually decreased. That means that the alignment rack you choose must be capable of handling long wheelbase, wide tread width vehicles with low ground clearance to ensure you don't turn away service work.

Hunter's Hawkeye Elite® camera systems and RX lift rack family incorporate many unique garage space saving ideas, and provide a fully integrated alignment system. FIA streamlines the entire alignment process, eliminating time-consuming trips around the vehicle and to-and-from the console.

RX lifts provide the maximum productivity in the minimum space, allowing service on narrow tread width, short wheelbase passenger cars up to crew cab dual rear wheel pickup trucks. If additional capacity is required the RX 16,000 lb. lift can accommodate commercial pickups and many 450 and 550 models. Surface mounted RX models have the lowest drive on height in the industry, saving space with shorter approach ramp length. Surface mounted models will fit most shops, but if space is tight, the RX can easily be flush mounted in the floor. Flush mounting saves nearly 4' in footprint and also allows service on very low clearance, and very long wheelbase vehicles.

Several space saving Hawkeye Elite® camera system configurations are available. Some models may be suspended from the ceiling freeing the bay of obstructions, and some can be moved from bay to bay. All HawkEye Elite® camera systems handle the same range of wheelbase, tread width vehicles and can be used with flush mounted or surface mounted racks.

If you are wondering, "how do I organize my shop for maximum profitability" contact your Hunter representative………

For more information on Hunter's HawkEye Elite® Wheel Alignment System, click here.

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