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Replacing outdated equipment

November 23, 2015

Saint Louis, MO - 

How do you determine when your old garage equipment should be replaced? Some situations would seem obvious, such as the equipment becoming inoperative and unrepairable, or the frequency/severity of service calls making it evident the equipment is nearing the end of its useful life. However, if you are waiting that long you are likely missing significant profit and business growth opportunities.

A better approach would be to continuously monitor each of your revenue centers and investigate any low producers. If, for example, alignment bay profits are down, evaluate the alignment system being used, and compare to what is currently offered. Sometimes the solution is simple, and you find that 'today's' best alignment system would allow you service vehicles you may be turning away now, or wheel aligner tools available on the newer system would reduce the time spent by the technician significantly thus allowing more alignments. In both cases a simple equipment updating will yield more profit dollars, you will typically enjoy a tax benefit from the purchase, and you may be acting while your existing system still has value since there is usually a market for used shop equipment.

However, if you see no advantage in replacing your current alignment system, it might be that you just aren't converting enough service opportunities. To convert effectively you should be checking every vehicle coming through the shop. Six of every ten vehicles coming through shops today need an alignment. However, most of these opportunities go unnoticed unless you inspect every customer vehicle, regardless of the reason for their visit.

In this case, supporting your alignment bay by installing inspection equipment such as Hunter's Quick Check system is your best solution. Hunter's vehicle inspection system performs a comprehensive car inspection in just 3 minutes, allowing you to inspect every car before any work begins. This 3 minute inspection checks wheel alignment, tire pressure & tread depth, battery health, stopping performance, and emission codes. Quick Check then uses the best car diagnostic software in the industry to generate easy-to-understand, color-coded printouts. The printed results can be handed to the vehicle owners as they wait, or used by a service writer to alert the customer to needed services and drive more work to your service bays.

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