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Hunter Engineering reaches an exciting new milestone by producing its 30,000th RX Scissor Lift Rack

Sept 16, 2019

Hunter's Durant factory employee's celebrate production of their 30,000th RX lift rack Hunter’s Durant factory employees celebrate the production of their 30,000th RX lift rack.

DURANT, MS – Hunter is extremely proud to reach an exciting, new milestone by producing its 30,000th RX Scissor Lift Rack this July at Hunter’s Durant, Mississippi plant.

“We are extremely proud to reach this milestone,” noted Durant Plant Manager Wayne Bowling. “While we know others have offshored similar products, Hunter keeps reinvesting in our plant and our people. We are fortunate to have both dedicated employees who have contributed to Hunter’s strong manufacturing presence in the USA, and 30,000+ customers who believe the technology, durability and value of RX racks are worth it.”

Hunter’s RX Scissor Lift family is now in it’s third generation, and used in a wide-array of shops in over 100 countries. The first rack was produced in 2001. All of Hunter’s alignment racks have been manufactured in Durant since 1976.

Today, the RX Scissor Lift Rack is available in various capacities, including 10k,12k,14k and 16k lbs. The rack offers a low-profile compact package, featuring extra-wide runways and a hydraulic system to lower descent time by 50 percent. Hunter’s patented PowerSlide® feature locks slipplates and turnplates, freeing the technician of traditional pin-locking.

Most recently, Hunter released a harsh-duty variation for RX Lift Racks. First in the industry to introduce powder-coating on runway-style racks, Hunter is proud to provide a solution for the challenges of brine solutions that have become harmful to automobiles and automotive shop equipment in recent years.

Learn more about Hunter’s RX Scissor Lift Rack family features.

Hunter Engineering Company® is the global leader in alignment systems, wheel and tire service, brake service and inspection lane equipment. Hunter® equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and truck dealers, tire dealers and service facilities around the world.

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