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Patents by Product

The following Hunter Engineering Company products are protected by patents in the United States and elsewhere. The listing of products set forth below may not be all inclusive, and other Hunter Engineering Company products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents.

Wheel Alignment

WinAlign Consoles

        - WA300 Series

        - WA400 Series

        - WT300 Series

        - WT400 Series

        - WQ300 Series


ProAlign Consoles

        - PA100 Series

        - PT100 Series


Vision Alignment Sensors (Cameras and Targets)

        - HE400 Series

        - HS400 Series

        - HS220 Series


Conventional Alignment Sensors

        - DSP500 Series

        - DSP700 Series

Wheel Balancers


Wheel Balancers without Load Rollers

        - DS Series

        - FM Series

        - QM Series

        - RF Series

        - SW Series

        - RFT Series

        - SWT Series

        - DSP9200 Series

        - GSP9200 Series


Wheel Balancers with Load Rollers

        - GSP9700 Series

Vehicle Lift Racks

        - L441 Series

        - L444 Series

        - RX10 Series

        - RX12 Series

        - RX16 Series

        - RX45 Series

        - RX72 Series

Brake Lathes

Bench Brake Lathes

        - BL500 Series

On-Car Brake Lathes

        - OCL400 Series

        - QCLPAS

        - QCLPRO

Tire Changers

        - Auto Series

        - Revolution

        - TC3000 Series

        - TCX500 Series

        - TCX600 Series

Vehicle Inspection

Tread Depth Measurement Systems

Brake Testers and Side-Slip Meters

Quick Check Drive