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Over 350 patented inventions from the largest wheel service product development staff in the world. Hunter’s award-winning team of more than 75 engineers and support staff is unequalled in the industry.

Since 1946, when Automotive Hall of Fame inductee Lee Hunter founded Hunter Engineering, the company has built a reputation for innovation and visionary leadership in the application of the newest technologies to automotive under car service.

Hunter’s award-winning research and development team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers is responsible for hundreds of patented and exclusive features that make Hunter products the most productive under car service equipment available.

Hunter fields the largest dedicated sales force in the undercar service industry with approximately 380 representatives throughout the United States. Representatives work within a nationwide customer support network of dedicated Hunter training . . .

Expert assembly goes into each alignment system, alignment console, tire changer, balancer, brake lathe and other components. All printed circuit board design and assembly is performed in-house. Hunter produces over one million boards . . .

Hunter’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through quality assurance, recycling programs, helping customers make informed, environmentally-friendly decisions, and continuously enhancing green initiatives for a healthier and cleaner world.

Commitment to quality encompasses all aspects of product design, development, engineering, supply chain and manufacturing to produce products that are supported by expert field service and training with the end goal being customer satisfaction.

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