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Hunter ADAS Solutions

Calibrate ADAS with ease


Aligner Integration


Dynamic & Static Solutions


New Market Opportunity


Hunter ADAS Solutions


Hunter customers get a choice

Run the Aftermarket Procedure

Hunter’s ADASLink™ Aftermarket Diagnostic Scan Tool provides unmatched coverage for most vehicles. Dynamic ADAS Calibration is included with ADASLink™, and Static ADAS Calibration is supported using the Bosch DAS3000.

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Run the OEM Procedure

asTech® connects remote OEM scan tools and technicians with vehicles in your shop for diagnostics and ADAS Calibration. Static Calibration requires a supported OEM or aftermarket fixture like the Bosch DAS3000.

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Run our aftermarket procedure

Wide range of coverage to handle your static and dynamic ADAS calibrations

DAS 3000 ADAS Fixture

  • No more plumb bobs and tape measures
  • Integrated cameras reference wheel targets for placement
  • ADASLink™ provides on-screen guidance for setup and positioning.
  • Hunter training & support
  • Powered by Bosch
  • First year of static calibration software included.


Includes coverage for popular ADAS calibrations for most OEMs including:

  • Forward-facing camera
  • Forward-facing radar with flat plate
  • Forward-facing radar with corner cube
  • Blind spot radar with corner cube
  • Surround View/360 cameras with floor mats


OEM coverage — 25+ million vehicles with static calibration procedures



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DAS 3000: What's Included

Primary Components

1. Primary Fixture

2. SCT 815 Prismatic Radar Reflector (use with Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, and Toyota vehicles)

3. Distance Marker

4. Wheel Clamp Markers

Target Boards

1. Daimler/Infiniti #2 Target

2. Honda #1 Target (set of 2)

3. Honda #3 Target

4. Hyundai/Kia #3 Target

5. Mazda #1 Target

6. Mitsubishi #1 (set of 2)

7. Nissan #2 Target (set of 2)

8. Subaru 2.1 & 3.1 Target Boards

9. Toyota #1 Target

10. Toyota/Lexus #3 Target

11. Universal XL Target Board

12. Universal/Infiniti #1 Target (set of 2)

13. VW/Audi Combo Camera/Radar Target Board

Floor Mats

1. Ford

2. GM

3. Honda

4. Mitsubishi

5. Nissan

Integrated Target Storage

Stow your camera targets in a clean and serviceable way, allowing immediate access for the fastest ADAS calibration set-up.



Hunter ADASLink™ Full Diagnostic Scan Tool

  • Setup and calibrate ADAS in half the time.
  • Dynamic (driving) ADAS calibration coverage included
  • Static (fixture) ADAS calibration available with DAS 3000
  • FCA secure gateway compatible
  • Pre- and post-scan ready
  • For use in any bay, with or without Hunter aligner
  • Full scan tool not limited only to ADAS
  • Powered by Bosch


Additional features:

  • 10 in. tablet interface
  • Charging station
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Leading technology hardware & software
  • Limited lifetime warranty

WinAlign® Integrations

Coming soon

  • ADAS & Pre/Post Scan Steps Integrated with wheel alignment Procedure
  • Streamlined vehicle and ADAS Procedure Selection in ADASLink™
  • Combined Alignment, Diagnostic Scan, and ADAS Calibration Results Printouts in HunterNet®

Easy calibration & documentation


1. Plug into vehicle and perform pre-scan


2. Position fixture and place targets


3. Follow guided sensor calibration procedure


4. Post-scan and provide automatic documentation


Extensive diagnostic coverage for most 1996 and newer vehicles



How ADASLink™ can be used


Pre- and Post-Scan

Use the Quick Scan feature for a comprehensive look at installed systems and any associated codes.


Full Diagnostic Capabilities

Full diagnostic coverage meets your needs on today's vehicles, for everything from engines to ADAS.


Secure Gateway & Gap Coverage

FCA coverage for secure gateway equipped vehicle, and supplemental coverage to other tools in your shop.​


Specialty Uses

Code/Pair new parts to the vehicle after installation, like electric power steering components.


Brake Service

Service electric parking brakes & perform brake diagnostics (like ABS).


How will you use it?

Join Hunter + Bosch for the most comprehensive ADAS calibration solution.

1. Wheel Alignment

Required for most ADAS calibration. Accurate wheel alignment affects sensor aiming.

2. ADAS Calibration

Guided ADAS sensor calibrations in minimum time.

3. Full Documentation

Full documentation (printout) and recallable digital records.



Connect to the OEM scan tool and technician

Perform in-depth, vehicle-specific procedures with guided assistance

asTech® connects remote OEM scan tools and technicians with vehicles in your shop for diagnostics and ADAS Calibration. Static Calibration requires a supported OEM or aftermarket fixture like the Bosch® DAS 3000.

  • Integrated positioning cameras –select fixtures
  • Thrust Angle Reference
  • Static Forward Facing Flat Plate Radar Support
  • Static Forward Facing Corner Reflector Radar Support
  • Static Forward Facing Camera Support
  • Static Rear/Corner Radar Support
  • Static Surround View Camera Support
  • Dynamic Forward Facing Radar Support
  • Dynamic Forward Facing Camera Support
  • Future Support
  • Full Diagnostic Support
  • New Module Programming –Select Vehicles
  • OEM Software
  • Integrated Alignment, Diagnostic, & ADAS Final Report
  • Expert Tech assistance
  • Per use charge


OEM coverage



Remote services


  • Expert technician help when you need it
  • Up-to-date OEM level coverage, using the same tools as the dealer
  • Secure gateway supported connection
  • No "coverage gap" for new model vehicles
  • Calibration report details work completed for shop and vehicle owners


  • Any OE scan tool function on-demand
  • Calibrating
  • Newest vehicle coverage

Requires ADAS calibration fixtures sold separately


OEM Fixtures


DAS 3000 Aftermarket Fixture (Hunter Recommends)




Hella Gutmann




Hunter Camera Kit with Adaptors (20-3683-1)

For use with non-Hunter ADAS kit

Get started with servicing advanced vehicle systems with ADAS.



Features comparison



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Safety System Alignment® for the Service Provider

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Your local Hunter service representative can answer questions, help with equipment operation and provide on-site training.


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Other ADAS Solutions

Hunter CodeLink®

Codelink is the only integrated, complete alignment procedure to reset ADAS systems and other related sensors.

  • Integrated with Hunter WinAlign® systems
  • Simple instructions shown on aligner screen
  • Only one tool required (on most vehicles)

Aftermarket ADAS kit

Hunter's ADAS kit uses alignment cameras and targets to place the fixture faster, more efficiently, and more accurately than using the manual laser, mirror, and scale methods provided with such systems.



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HawkEye Elite®

Alignment System

Four precision cameras measure each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip® adaptors.

Collision Alignment

Keep your collision repair profits by providing alignment services in-house, saving time for you and your customers.

Hunter service

Largest in the industry

Hunter deploys the largest service force of highly-qualified representatives in the industry.

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