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Fast results with quick setup time


Hunter Standard Alignment

technician looking at alignment measurements on alignment machine monitor
technician looking at alignment measurements on alignment machine monitor
Alignment System

Standard Alignment Machines

Fast results with quick setup time

Hunter offers alignment systems with simple operation and low cost of ownership. The HawkEye® and ProAlign alignment machines offer quick and efficient alignment readings through powerful software and HawkEye® imaging technology.

Features at-a-glance

  • High-resolution cameras
  • Printouts to sell service
  • Fast alignment readings
  • HawkEye® digital imaging technology

Specifications at-a-glance

  • 2 minute
    Setup time
  • 24.5 in.
    Maximum wheel diameter



Product family at-a-glance

HawkEye® Alignment 2-Camera System

  • 3D graphics
  • WinAlign® software
  • 2 cameras
  • Hawkeye® Digital Imaging Technology
  • Self-centering adaptors


  • Fast, accurate alignment at an economical price!
  • Interchangeable front and rear sensors avoid obstructions such as air dams or spoilers
  • Engineered with your technician in mind
  • Sensors are up to 50% lighter than previous models




Perform alignments at any height

HawkEye® Digital Imaging Technology allows shops to perform alignments on the floor or at any lift height.

Printouts help sell service

Explain needed parts and repairs and show completed work to customers using detailed, color-coded printouts.



Easy-to-follow illustrations

Intuitive software to help guide every adjustment through easy-to-understand illustrations.

Straight Steering Wheel Every Time

Wintoe® ensures a straight steering wheel every time without repeated adjustments or using a steering wheel holder.

Simple shim installation

Shim-Select® II quickly calculates and displays the template you need for proper shim installation.



Your shop deserves the fastest, easiest system

Get 70-second alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy with HawkEye Elite® — the most powerful wheel alignment machine on the market today.

Drive profitability for your business



  • احصل على عرض أسعار أو عرض توضيحي في موقع عملك مجانًا
  • معلومات عامة وأسئلة


استمارة الاتصال هذه مُخصصة للاستفسارات القانونية عن خدمات ومعدات شركة Hunter.  أي استخدام آخر محظور وسيتم حذفه. انظر شروط الاستخدام الكاملة




Get ProAlign for heavy duty

The Hunter PT200 heavy-duty alignment system is the heavy-duty version of ProAlign, including essential features needed to perform fast, accurate alignments on trucks, buses, RVs and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Contact your local Hunter team to learn more



Self-centering wheel adaptors

Greater versatility helps service more vehicles


Hunter's innovative and trusted self-centering wheel adaptors ensure proper centering and durability.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • Fits a wide range of wheel configurations and sizes


hunter self-centering wheel clamps


Adaptable rim studs

Works with specialty rims, run flat tires, and rim guard tires


Sturdy design

Durable, lightweight design provides rigidity and stability


Extended range

Coverage from 10 to 24.5 inches

Tire Grip

Fits difficult wheels
  • Fastens to tires with 21 to 40 in. outside dimension
  • Includes four tire clamps with protective rim sleeves
  • Ideal for wheels without rim lips or with limited space between tire and rim 


Expand coverage
  • Expands adaptor range up to 28 in.
  • Includes 16 adaptor extensions, 4 for each adaptor




DSP700 alignment sensors

Speed and accuracy at an economical price

DSP700 alignment sensors

  • Setup front and rear sensors interchangeably to avoid obstructions such as air dams or spoilers
  • Pro-Comp® continuous runout compensation procedure ensures accurate alignment angles, even if wheels rotate after compensation
  • Get fast and precise measurement readings for toe, toe-out-on-turns, track width and wheelbase in real-time
  • Wireless, quick-recharging and lightweight design

Are you ready to hit your target alignment goals?







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