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choosing the best
Brake Lathe

choosing the Best On-Car Brake Lathe for Your Shop

Choosing the best brake lathe for your shop is an important decision, and Hunter Engineering’s experts are here to help answer all your questions and provide even more brake lathe buying tips. Contact us today to learn more about how we can offer the best brake lathe on the marketplace today and schedule a free demonstration!

Things to consider

What is the Brake Lathe’s Horsepower Capabilities?

Turning rotors on the car takes power to overcome drivetrain friction. Greater horsepower will allow you to turn more vehicles with your brake lathe.

How Much Chatter Does the Brake Lathe Produce?

When turning rotors they will often “sing” or “chatter.” Does the on-car lathe you are considering prevent this?

Does the Brake Lathe Operate in Reverse?

Some vehicles have less drivetrain friction when turning in one direction versus the other. You are much better off if you can easily change directions when needed.

Does the Brake Lathe Offer Speed Control?

Some differentials will lock up when spun too quickly requiring you to drop the driveshaft to turn the rotors. Avoid this hassle by purchasing a lathe that can operate below this RPM.

Does the Brake Lathe Operate Upside Down?

When turning the opposite side of the car, the lathe must be flipped over. Ensure that your lathe doesn't require you to work upside down to get the job done.

What is the Brake Lathe’s Rotor Finish Like?

Cutting a continuous groove from beginning to end can create a “record player groove” that causes the pads to walk out and creates a shudder when breaking. Lathes that break this continuous groove will give better results.

How well does the Brake Lathe “Travel”?

Technicians often walk away or get distracted when making cuts. Make sure your lathe won't “crash” or damage the vehicle when it hits something solid.

How are the Gears?

When using a brake lathe, it is likely the technician will “crash” the bits into things like rotor hats. Make sure the internal drivetrain is designed to handle this without expensive repair.

Does the Lathe Manufacturer Offer Service & Support?

It is important to purchase from a manufacturer that will provide timely service for your lathe, when needed.

How well does the Lathe Expand?

Rotors on certain vehicles are very large. Be sure to choose a versatile lathe that can be expanded to handle these unique rotors.
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