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Quick Check Drive

Quick Check Drive

Accelerate your alignment business With Hunter’s unmanned alignment inspection system, Quick Check Drive. Scan a vehicle every 3-5 seconds with no stopping or labor required, making it possible to check every car that visits your shop. Discover twice as many alignment sale opportunities and achieve payback on your investment within months!

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Quick Check Drive At A Glance

Quick Check Drive paid off in months at Jay Wolfe Toyota

Quick Check Drive Technical Overview

Alignment business doubled with Push Reports at Greenway

Quick Check Drive at Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet

Productivity Technology


    Most vehicles need alignment. Drive through inspection reveals the opportunities

  • Effortlessly Check Every Vehicle

    Multiply your alignment sales

  • Autonomous Operation Eliminates Labor

    Further increase your bottom line

Learn more about providing a seamless customer experience

Return On Investment

  • Typical Failure Rate
  • Daily Alignment Opportunity
  • Customer's Acceptance Rate
  • Typical Alignment Profit
  • Additional Tire Sales:
  • Typical Failure Rate
  • Daily
  • Customer's Acceptance Rate
  • Typical
  • Additional Tire Sales:
    • Additional Tire Sales:
    • Additional Alignment Sales:
  • Add'l Daily Profit:
  • $1,284
  • Annual Return:
  • $338,976
  • Equipment Investment:
  • $75,000
  • Equipment Payback:
  • 3 Months!


  • One alignment system per 50 cars inspected is typically required to support additional alignment opportunities
  • See current tax code. In many cases full purchase price of equipment is tax deductible
  • Concrete work required for QuickTread component included in investment amount above.
  • Payback calculation: (Equipment Investment) / (Cars/day X Failure rate X acceptance rate X typical profit X 5.5 day/week X 4 wks/mo)

    Unmanned solution means faster scans with no labor

  • Capture data with unmatched accuracy 

    Eight cameras and 32 lasers produce results with world-class precision 

  • Space Efficient Design

    Requires 25% less bay space than other inspection units

Learn more about our touchless, accurate system

Less Bay Space Required

No Stopping

No Labor

No Data Entry

  • Results visable to all

    Quick Check Drive results display automatically in customer waiting area or service drive

  • Go Beyond Paper Results

    Digital presentation helps inform customer before reviewing printed results with technician

Learn more about the benefits of real-time results

Automatic Results Display

  • Automatic display of alignment results
  • Complete customer transparency
  • Ideal for service drive and waiting room
  • Achieve Big Audacious Goals

    Easy-to-understand report measures output & achievements

  • Maximize Productivity

    Ensure utmost equipment utilization

  • Fully Autonomous

    Automatic, daily delivery via email and text

Learn more about HunterNet push reports
  • Accurate and Reliable

    Optical and laser sensors take 16 measurements per tire, delivering more accuracy

  • Intelligent and Fast

    Units only activate when vehicle is present, and can scan a vehicle every 3-5 seconds

  • Superior Specs reduce comebacks

    Backed by Hunter’s superior OEM spec database means pass/fail results are more accurate

Learn more about the powerful, compact units

Compact Units Packed with Powerful Components.

Compact Units Packed with Powerful Components

  • Intelligent design knows how to distinguish tire from other elements of the vehicle
  • Combination of laser and optical technology result in best quality data
  • Backed by Hunters's superior OEM specification database, pass/fail results are more accurate, saving time and avoiding comebacks
  • License plate images used for vehicle identification
  • Optional: 40 or more still images captured as vehicles drive past to defend against false damage claims

*Requires purchase of optional body image capture package

  • Accurately measure camber and total toe
  • 16 measurements taken to increase accuracy
  • Repeatable results
  • Scan a vehicle every 3 to 5 seconds
  • Only activates when vehicle is present

OEM Approvals

Hunter’s patented Quick Check Drive technology is the only touchless alignment check with the proven accuracy and reliability necessary to earn over 15 OE approvals.

  • Quickly identify vehicles

    Automatically determines specs on most vehicles

  • Built in Cameras

    High resolution images without aiming, focusing, or calibration

Learn more about Hunter’s vehicle identification camera and options

Built-in cameras capture vehicle’s license plate as it enters or exits the Quick Check Drive™ unit’s field of vision. Automatically determine OEM specs on most vehicles.

Vehicle drives through units

Capture front and rear license plates on every vehicle

Vehicle plate is captured

Image of vehicle and plate are captured

Capture licenese plate image

Automatically in motion

Identify character and locale

Never assume home state

Obtain VIN*

No monthly subscription fees

Easy to understand printout

Helps guide conversation with consumer

Hunter's External Vehicle Identification Camera - Optional
  • A remote-mounted camera solves difficult install situations such as low lighting, daylight glare, and field of view obstacles
  • Flexible camera options include indoor or outdoor placement, ceiling-or wall-mounted, and center or off-center locations
  • Safeguard your Operations

    Save your store thousands of dollars in false vehicle-damage reports

  • Immediate access to images

    Eliminate need to contact third-party surveillance company and wait for images

  • Quickly review images with HunterNet®

    Each camera captures and average of ten images per vehicle, and the intuitive interface displays vehicle info and date of service

Learn more about automatic body image capture

Using the same built-in high-definition cameras, Damage-Cam enables your store to capture 40 or more images per vehicle in the same time it takes to check wheel alignment.

Use HunterNet® to quickly review vehicle images

  • Intuitive Damage-Cam interface displays vehicle information and date of service
  • Each camera captures an average of 40 images
  • 15-day image storage standard
  • Premium 90-day storage package available*
Quick Check Drive Printouts
  • Simple to understand

    Color-coded printouts clearly show needed alignment service

  • Communicate Results

    Same results can be sent to customer electronically

Learn more about printouts


  • Hands-on sales tool — results in seconds
  • Build a printout layout that is unique to your business and uses all of the available space on the printout, select the format that has the highest impact with your customers

Printout Configuration Examples

Quick Check Drive
  • Tools for Service Writers

    Help your customers make informed decisions

  • Tools for Managers

    Remote access of data available with an internet connection using HunterNet®

Learn more about selling and reporting tools

HunterNet® ( provides front-shop personnel with quick, convenient access to a vast collection of vehicle-specific undercar information to help explain and sell service.

Selling Tools

  • Display & view results automatically
  • Present and email inspection details digitally
  • Inform customers with photos and videos
  • Drive repair authorizations and revenue to new levels

Reporting Tools

  • Measure inspection performance
  • Analyze alignment service opportunities
  • View inspection trends
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improvement

See your service opportunities virtually anywhere, anytime.

  • Enhance customer intake process

    Present results digitally and add services to repair order

  • Increase technician productivity

    Automate electronic multi-point inspection results, capture photos and videos of needed repairs

  • Mobile delivery of results

    Send results to customer via text or email, lets you sell more service to off-site customer on-the-go

Learn more about providing a seamless customer experience


  • Capture every service opportunity with streamlined process

  • Save time and energy by eliminating duplicate entries

  • More satisfying experience for enthusiastic technicians

  • Ensure profitable service recommendations are always presented to customer

  • Choose your integration partner

  • Maximize revenue

  • Increase customer retention

Customer Intake

  • Present digital inspection results

  • Make tire replacement offer at the vehicle

  • Add services to repair order

Electronic Multi-Point Inspection (EMPI)

  • Automate electronic multi-point inspection items

  • Capture digital photos and videos

  • Increase technician productivity

Digital Service Recommendations

  • Mobile delivery of inspection results via text or email

  • Self-guided, informative service experience

  • Interactive content with photos and videos

  • Sell more services to off-site customers on-the-go

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