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Quick Tread Edge®

Driven by Hunter’s award-winning WinAlign® software, Quick Tread Edge® - Hunter’s drive over tread depth unit with tire edge wear detection - automatically measures the tread depth of each tire from edge to edge in seconds.

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Morgan Auto Group Quadruples Tire and Alignment Sales

Quick Tread Edge®

Optional External Camera - Automatic Vehicle Identification

Drive Service Revenue and Customer Retention

Productivity Technology

Unmanned inspection main image

    Comprehensive unmanned inspection

    Tires and alignment are critical for retention and profit generation
Learn more about Hunter's unmanned inspection system

Connect with Quick Check Drive® and External Camera - build a powerful unmanned inspection system!

Boost traffic to most profitable undercar service, no additional labor required

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Unmanned inspection set up

Connect with Hunter's external camera for more accuracy with difficult plates

Hunter external camera

Perform automatic vehicle identifications and streamline intake process

Autonomously identify today's most profitable service opportunities

Quick Tread Edge ROI Image

(Based on 50 vehicles per day shop average)

Edge wear detection main image
  • Discover more opportunities

    Edge to edge scan delivers more opportunities
  • Hand-held measurement is obsolete

    Manual readings can vary by +/- 3/32 or more depending on operator
  • Random line scan results vary

    Small amount of data is used to measure overall tire health, results can vary greatly depending on what part of tread is measured
Learn more about more accurate readings
Hunter's Quick Tread Edge® Delivers More Opportunities
Hunter Quick Tread Edge 3d scan render
  • Large data sample generates a three-dimensional image of the four-inch testing segment
  • Precisely measures wet and dirty tires to maximize uptime and opportunities
  • Color-coded results quickly relay good, marginal or bad treads

Single-line scan measurement

Single-line scan measurement can vary greatly

Single-line scan measurment image

Sipes, wear bars and stones can affect the results of a single-line scan - even scans taken in close proximity to one another.

Basic hand-held measurement is obsolete

Prior to digital measurement technology, tread depth was measured using a handheld, plunger-type measurement tool.

  • Time consuming
  • Error prone
Basic Handheld Plunger Image
  • Edge wear detection

    Edge wear is difficult to detect visually
  • Proper tread edge helps with wet weather control

    A bald edge will reduce wet weather traction, increasing stopping distance
Learn more about increasing customer safety

Measuring tire edge tread wear is critical to proactive tire safety

A bald tire edge will affect wet weather traction, resulting in longer stopping distances and poor handling.

  • When a vehicle is moving, the tire's contact patch expands to include the tire's edge
  • If the edge portion of the contact patch has no tread, it cannot shed water
  • Most edge wear occurs on the inner edge of the tire and is difficult to detect using the visual inpection methods
Edge wear tire

Proper Tread Depth Means Control in Wet Conditions

Darker area represents amount of tread making contact with the road surface at varying conditions.

Tread Depth Explainer
Fixed ops selling and management reporting tools

    Help your customers make informed decisions

    Remote access of data available with an internet connection using HunterNet®
Learn more about HunterNet® connectivity

HunterNet® ( provides front-shop personnel with quick, convenient access to a vast collection of vehicle-specific undercar information to help explain and sell service.

Selling Tools

  • Display & view results automatically
  • Present and email inspection details digitally
  • Inform customers with photos and videos
  • Drive repair authorizations and revenue to new levels
HunterNet tools

Reporting Tools

  • Measure inspection performance
  • Analyze alignment service opportunities
  • View inspection trends
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improvement
HunterNet reporting tools

See your service opportunities virtually anywhere, anytime.

Service drive customer retention tools
  • Enhance customer intake process

    Present results digitally and add services to repair order
  • Increase technician productivity

    Automate electronic multi-point inspection results, capture photos and videos of needed repairs
  • Mobile delivery of results

    Send results to customer via text or email, lets you sell more service to off-site customer on-the-go
Learn more about providing a seamless customer experience


  • Capture every service opportunity with streamlined process
  • Save time and energy by eliminating duplicate entries
  • More satisfying experience for enthusiastic technicians
  • Ensure profitable service recommendations are always presented to customer
  • Choose your integration partner
  • Maximize revenue
  • Increase customer retention
Capture service drive opportunities

Customer Intake

  • Present digital inspection results
  • Make tire replacement offer at the vehicle
  • Add services to repair order

Electronic Multi-Point Inspection (EMPI)

  • Automate electronic multi-point inspection items
  • Capture digital photos and videos
  • Increase technician productivity

Digital Service Recommendations

  • Mobile delivery of inspection results via text or email
  • Self-guided, informative service experience
  • Interactive content with photos and videos
  • Sell more services to off-site customers on-the-go
Present vehicle inspection results to customer

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