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RX14 Scissor Lift

RX14 Scissor Lift

RX14 Scissor wheel alignment lifts allows for high capacity a small footprint. This alignment scissor rack also features extra-wide runways, low drive on height, comfortable raised height, and two swing-air jacks.

The standard swing air jacks on the RX14 auto scissor lift each have a 9,000-lb capacity – perfect for handling a wide range of vehicles.

The RX14 Car Scissor Lift also offers several fully-integrated options to enhance productivity including approach ramp extensions, drive-thru conversion capability, wheel stop extensions, Hunter’s AlignLights System and much more.

For maximum capacity in a surface mount application, turn to the RX14 Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift family.

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New Swing Air Jack - At A Glance


Extra-Wide Runways - RX14/RX16

26" runways accept wide, heavy vehicles

Fast Descent Speed

The hydraulic system speeds lowering times by 50%. The system automatically slows the descent in the last several inches to ensure a soft landing

Two Swing Air Jacks - RX14/RX16

9,000-lb. capacity & Technicians' favorite

Optional Inflation Station

Automatically fills or bleeds each tire & No hanging air lines

Louvered Ramps

Prevent wheel spin in wet conditions & More effective than diamond tread or abrasive strips

Control Panel

Complete operation from console & Optional PowerSlide, Inflation Station and FIA control

Safety Locks

Precision-fit teeth lock runways at 16 level positions

Velocity Safety Fuses

Instantaneous shutdown in event of hydraulic failure

Sensor Feedback System

Sensor keep runway level & Safety stops if obstructed

AlignLights System - Optional

Hunter’s integrated AlignLights LED lighting system provides a bright and efficient light source underneath the vehicle.

Standard Equipment

Stainless steel turnplate and flush-mounted; full-floating slipplates (PowerSlide® slipplates on PS and IS models).

Integrated Air Line Kit

Convenient air source for tools at front and rear

Designed and built in the USA

Hunter products are engineered in the USA by 75+ technical staff, and built in four manufacturing facilities in the USA employing 1000+

Hunter Service

Hunter Engineering deploys the largest service force in the industry with more than 390+ highly-qualified, independent representatives



RX14 & RX16 Scissor Lift Brochure

Low-profile, high-capacity

Lift Accessories Brochure

For Hunter Wheel Alignment Lift Racks

RX14K, RX14KPS & RX14KIS Spec Sheet

Surface Mount Lift Rack

spec sheet

Productivity Technology

Streamline your alignments with the RX14 scissor lift
  • Speed alignment service

    Complete alignments 60% faster by synchronizing aligner and lift rack

  • FIA is automatic

    Turnplates and slipplates auto-lock, and inflation station automatically inflates tires

  • Error proof your alignments

    Automates technician tasks that can be easily forgotten or skipped

Learn more about FIA streamlining the process

FIA allows WinAlign® aligners to control the lift features for ultimate productivity. Two patented designs offer greater flexibility and timesaving capabilities.

RX12 scissor lift lock slipplates in Powerslide Edition
PowerSlide® Edition
  • Locks slipplates and turnplates with the touch of a button or automatically through an FIA-equipped aligner*
  • No more struggles with lock pins
  • Avoid wear and tear and extend the life of your turnplates
Avoid wear and tear on your RX12 scissor lift turnplates
Current PowerSlide technology minimizes trips around the car with the RX12 scissor lift
Technician using RX12 scissor lift inflation station
RX12 scissor lift Inflation Station logo
Inflation Station Edition
  • Includes PowerSlide® slipplates and turnplates
  • Automatically inflate all four tires simultaneously
RX12 scissor lift control Panel
Control Panel
  • Complete operation from the console
  • Optional PowerSlide®, Inflation Station and FIA control
  • Works independently, but works best communicating with aligner
Printout showing starting and final tire pressures
Printouts show starting and final tire pressures.
Harsh-Duty Option
  • Protect against corrosive road treatments

    Today's road salt and brine solutions are especially harmful over time

  • Zinc-rich primer coat

    Provides an additional layer of corrosion protection

  • Stainless steel plates

    Additional protection for high tire abrasion locations

See the benefits of harsh-duty enhancements

The toughest lift rack in your shop

The toughest lift rack in your shop
  1. Zinc-rich primer on runways, ramps and bases provide a second layer of protection

  2. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel slipplate tops and complete turnplates

  3. Epoxy-sealed joints and seams prevent salt seepage between adjoining pieces of metal

  4. Polymer slipplate balls and retainers will not corrode

  5. Pre-galvanized and powder coated threshold cover

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