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Hunter Brand Guidelines

Voice & Tone



How we speak to our customers and how we speak about our products reflects who we are as a company and brand. Hunter has a strong history of innovation and quality. Be steadfast in our industry knowledge while also being considerate of customer needs.

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General guidelines


Honor the heritage

Hunter is a products-focused company with a deep engineering heritage. We need to honor that heritage with an honest and straightforward voice that places technical solutions above hyperbole.​



Consider customer needs

Be sensitive to customer needs for approachable language and easily understood benefits to sometimes complicated technical innovations.​



Instill value

Hunter's products demand a price premium, as such, every conversation needs to positively explain the value (and/or payback) that Hunter products deliver.



Active voice should be used at all times.

Active voice is a sentence where the subject performs the action verb. Alternatively, passive voice is a sentence where the action of the verb is performed upon the subject.





Intelligent, but not academic​

Confident, but not cocky​

Clear, but not dry​

Profitability focused, but not greedy​

Bold, but not brash​

Common language, but not homespun




Use cases

The examples below may or may not reflect accurate product information and are only meant to provide guidelines on proper messaging.

Page headers

Punchy/spunky, but not too out there.

Other examples:

Higher productivity leads to greater profits

Solve vibration problems that others cannot

Fast brake service turns profits for your business

Check every vehicle, see every opportunity

Connect your equipment to your customers

Diagnose three axles in just three minutes

Product descriptions

Several sentence product explanation. Essential for SEO. Should include keywords and common language, less Hunter jargon.


Explanations of more involved features/benefits usually unique to Hunter with strong value message. Collections of bullet statements moving to conversational text.​​​​​​​


Short, one-sentence description of an individual feature. Written straight. Wording changes only, more common language where appropriate.


Straightforward, concise style





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