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Complete Collision Center on Hunter ADAS Calibration Tools

"We got the whole package ... everything we need to properly do an ADAS or alignment procedure."


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Jim Smith, Owner of Complete Collision Center in St. Robert, MO, speaks about how investing in Hunter ADAS equipment allowed them to keep calibration services in-house and control the profits and cycle time of the repair process.

Tiring of the headaches and anxiety from subletting work that his shop was ultimately responsible for, Jim Smith of Complete Collision Center in St. Robert, MO decided it was time to simply take control of ADAS work.

He found that in-house control in alignment, balancing and ADAS equipment from Hunter Engineering. “We got the whole package,” Smith said; “everything we need to accommodate the things we need to for our customers, and the things we need to properly do an ADAS or alignment procedure.”

CCC technicians enjoy the ability to send all the calibration scans to estimators to enter into the system, plus the quick learning curve of the ADASLink® scan tool and doing a “solid product” for their customers. With the ability to handle all their own ADAS work, Smith has decided to expand with a new 60 x 80 building to “accommodate the way we want to do business,” he said.

“It’s top of the line equipment, and when you put good support with it, it’s a double win,” Smith said. “I would recommend Hunter to anyone who has any interest in getting in this avenue. It’s been wonderful.”



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