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Hunter’s Quick Check® Drive changes Thomas Tire’s alignment and tire sales focus

"Hunter has changed our business drastically."


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With Hunter’s Quick Check® Drive autonomous inspection system, there’s no wasted time at Thomas Tire. “Time we spent checking the alignment is now time spent doing the alignment.”

Excellent customer service has long been the tradition at Asheville NC’s Thomas Tire. The shop strives to go above and beyond what the customer comes in for.

A large part of that service is Hunter equipment; particularly Quick Check® Drive. Every customer coming into the shop gets a comprehensive alignment and tread depth check.

“It’s changed our focus,” says general manager Eric Arnold. Where previously Thomas would measure its alignment sales by tires sold, “Now we judge our alignments against the number of cars that come in.”

Instead of going for 30 percent of tire sales, now Eric looks to do alignments for 25 percent of the total car count.

“It gives us a lot more sales opportunity,” Eric says. “Hunter has changed our business drastically.”



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