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Revolution Tire Changer

The Revolution tire changer machine is truly one-of-a-kind. This fully automatic tire changer is the easiest tire changer to use in the industry, and recognized as the 2015 Motor Magazine Top 20 Tools Awards, as well as a PTEN Innovation Award and PTEN Innovation Award’s People’ Choice Award all in 2014.

Featuring a space-saving wheel lift, "Go" pedal and Powered Press arms fully automatic tire changer machine is equipped with everything you need to effortlessly and effectively service vehicles.

Step up to the Revolution fully automatic tire changer, and add the convenience and superiority of Hunter Engineering products to your shop.



WalkAway Coming Soon!

80-second unattended bead breaking and demounting process, 25%+ time savings possible if paired with wheel balancing.

Fully Automatic

Operator experience is no longer a factor with this fully automatic tire changer. Use the same procedure for all tires and wheels.

Leverless Tool Head - Revolution

The Revolution fully automatic tire changer features a leverless tool head. Demounts without levers and prevents damage to the tire and rim.

status indicator lamp

Helpful signal indicates when the machine is in operation, stopped, or requires operator

"Go" Pedal

Press “Go” to make selection, hold “Go” to allow sequence to advance automatically and release “Go” to pause at any time.

TPMS Protection is Automatic

The Revolution™ tracks the sensor during mounting and demounting.

Bead Loosening Rollers

Bead loosening rollers work the best for the widest variety of tires.

Match-Mounting – Revolution

The bead roller discs on the Revolution tire changer machine allow the tire to spin on rim, helping match-mount stiffest point on tire to low spot on rim.

Bead Massage

Rollers apply force to the tire walls, assisting proper bead seating.

Powered Press Arms

Mount virtually any tire with the powered press arms on this fully automatic tire changer. Powered for maximum control.

Space Saving Wheel Lift

Spindle lifts tire directly into position. The built-in wheel lift on this tire changer machine reduces it's overall footprint.

Fast Inflation

This tire changer machine inflates faster than traditional foot pedal inflation systems by 33%.

Clamping Versatility

The three position cone on this fully automatic tire changer handles wide variety of wheels.

Animations & Videos

Animations train operator “on-the-job.” Gain video training for new users and video library of special procedures.

Made in the USA

Hunter products are engineered in the USA by 75+ technical staff, and built in four manufacturing facilities in the USA employing 1000+.

Hunter Service

Hunter Engineering deploys the largest service force in the industry with more than 390+ highly-qualified, independent representatives.

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Revolution - TCR1S Tire Changer Brochure

Fully Automatic and Easy-to-Use

Revolution Tire Changer Brochure (German)

Fully Automatic and Easy-to-Use

TCR1S Spec Sheet

TCR1S Specification Sheet

Revolution Tire Changer Testimonials

Testimonials from Shops that use Hunter's Revolution Tire Changer

Tire Changer Accessories Brochure

Tire Changer Accessories Brochure

Tire Changer Decision Guide Brochure

Choosing the right model for your shop

spec sheet

productivity technology

walkaway adds capacity

The TCR1X allows the operator to “walk away” during bead breaking and demounting process, and can lead to a 25%+ time savings when paired with wheel balancing.

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Fully automatic adds safety

Position Safety
Inflation Safety
Leverless Safety
Clamping Safety
Wheel Lift Safety
TPMS Safety
Tire & Wheel Safety
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fully automatic eliminates experience gap

The Revolution fully automatic tire changer can elevate your tire-changing team with differing experience levels to a team of experts.

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Fully automatic saves time

Operators often judge how fast they can complete a single assembly, but tire changing is an all-day process with extreme variation. Against a skilled tire technician, a fully automatic tire changer may be slightly slower on the simplest assemblies, but in the long run and with today’s tires, the time spent changing 100 tires will be less.

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fully automatic simplifies Training

Technique is no longer a requirement for tire changing — learn on one tire and apply the same skills to all tires with the Revolution fully automatic tire changer. The old push here, pull there technique learned through making mistakes and busted knuckles no longer applies. On the Revolution tire changer machine, the same process learned for one tire assembly applies to all tire assemblies.

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