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TCX57 and TCX56

TCX57 and TCX56

The Hunter TCX57 leverless conventional tire changer combines traditional design elements with advanced capabilities to provide superior service with simple operation. The leverless tire changer provides superior tire changing capabilities. The TCX57 features a swing-arm mounting apparatus and a tabletop clamping system familiar to most technicians. The leverless tool head lessens the stress on the operator and eliminates potential damage to beads and rims.



Leverless Tool Head

Lifts bead without use of levers, relieves bead stress and traditional head option.

Table Top Clamp

Clamping range of 6-30 in., measurement marks ease clamping and twin-cylinder actuators exert more clamping force than single-cylinder designs.

PowerOut Bead Loosener

Ergonomic control handle makes large assembly service easy and familiar side shovel design with standard protector sleeve.

Swing-Arm Column

Saves space over tilt-column designs and locks rim diameter and width measurements for same-sized wheels.

Bead Press System - TCX

Tremendous power/control aids mounting/demounting and auto-centering simplifies operation.

Locking Lower Arm

Lower locking arm allows operator to spin the tire for match mounting.

Motor and Drive - TCX57/56

Powerful 220V high-torque motor and two-speed forward drive.

TCX56 Traditional Tool Head

Choice of polymer head or steel head with polymer insert for wheel protection.

Standard Clamping Accessories

Jaw extender and reducer expands clamping coverage, and extends range to 30 inches (+ 4 in.) or reduces to 6 inches (- 4 in.).

Wheel Lift Option - TCX

Eases servicing of large assemblies.

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TCX57 & TCX56 Brochure

Advanced Conventional Tire Changing Systems

Tire Changer Accessories Brochure

Tire Changer Accessories Brochure

TCX Series Tire Changers Spec Sheet

TCX Series Specifications Sheet

TCX57 & TCX56 Brochure (Spanish)

Advanced Conventional Tire Changing Systems

spec sheet

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Dynamic bead press system

The Bead Press System speeds and eases clamping, lubricating, demounting and mounting the toughest wheel and tire combinations. The exclusive system centers the wheel and tire to ensure maximum service strength and rigidity.

The flip down, fixed bead press arm adds additional contact to service the most extreme low-profile tires and deep drop-center wheels.

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