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HawkEye® XL HD Alignment Machine

Big or small, align them all


Durable, non-electric 3D XL targets

Long-range, high-definition cameras

Alignment reading from three axles at once

Wheel alignments on any surface, in any bay

Capture measurements in a single rolling compensation

Alignment rack integration streamlines processes

See your performance with HunterNet® 2 connectivity

Align a wide range of commercial vehicles


HawkEye® XL






Heavily adaptable

Ready for your entire fleet or whatever comes through your door




Trucks and Busses




Medium-duty trucks


Light-duty vehicles















Industry-standard vision technology built for commercial vehicles


XL Targets

Hunter's patented 3D targets offer extreme durability, low maintenance, and no electronics at the wheel.

High-definition cameras

Extra-long range, high-resolution cameras precisely monitor each wheel in a 3D space to provide pinpoint accurate measurements.

Multi-Axle Readings

See live alignment readings from three axles at one time with guided procedures.

Alignments in any bay

Move the aligner for use in any bay, on the floor or a lift with adjustable camera beam.

Trailer alignment

Long range cameras easily see targets on 53 foot trailers. Align using optional kingpin adaptor.

Truck Pusher

Allow techs to effortlessly move vehicle for rolling comp with rechargeable battery-powered pusher. (Optional)



Return on Investment

Calculate your payback and XL profits






Big range, big results 





EV Readiness

Prepare your shop for future ADAS trends in electric vehicles



Undercar is the future of automotive service 

  • Tires are a core service
  • High profit margin
  • Can supplement other dwindling services
Based on Modern Tire Dealer's 2019 Automotive Service Study

Tech Retention & Recruitment

Simplify the alignment process for your techs

Technician-friendly equipment that is easy to use and maintain

  • Easier on the body with rolling compensation (no more jacking axles)
  • Always ready to use, with no need to recharge or swap batteries
  • No electronics at the wheel, putting valuable equipment in harm's way

Customer Experience

Big range, even bigger savings on fuel and tire

See what HD alignment can do for your fleet

Approximately 70% of trucks are out of alignment. Proper alignment can save fuel and prevent premature tire wear. Alignment can also reduce driver fatigue, which in turn improves road safety.

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Proudly designed and built in the USA

From raw steel to finished product. When you choose Hunter, you’re investing in more than 1,000 American workers.



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We stand beside our equipment and your purchase. Hunter Engineering Company warrants new equipment replacement parts for three years and labor for six months.

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