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HunterNet® 2 Customer Portal

Real-time business tool to drive your shop forward






HunterNet® 2






Real-time results

Take control of your equipment, your numbers, and your profitability



Visualize your shop's performance

Observe your equipment ROI in real time

Order genuine Hunter consumable parts any time

Review Hunter equipment activity from anywhere















Manage your most profitable equipment in real time


See goals and trends

Set goals and see how your business performs day-to-day, and see how your various products and services perform over time. 

Personalized reports

Setup to receive daily Push Reports to keep your goals and performance in check.

See your revenue

Track your alignment and tire revenue and potential revenue if all needed services were sold.

Confirm your ROI

See your equipment payback in real time. Most Quick Check® units achieve 100% payback in months.

Your Hunter Equipment

See a detailed list of your Hunter equipment, including age. 

Tap into local support

Connect with your local Hunter team for questions and support.






Get connected




EV Readiness

Keep track of new opportunities as they arise



Undercar is the future of automotive service 

  • Tires are a core service
  • High profit margin
  • Can supplement other dwindling services
Based on Modern Tire Dealer's 2019 Automotive Service Study

Tech Retention & Recruitment

Celebrate your technician's successes

Great performance comes from more than just dollars

When your technicians are happy, they do great work. When they do great work, your business thrives. Help your techs track their progress and accomplishments with HunterNet® results.

Customer Experience

Increase trust and transparency with customers

Results, pictures, and videos remove the mystery of service

With Hunter Connected Equipment, customers can view service results that are displayed in easy-to-understand graphics, from digital inspection results to alignment printouts.



Proudly designed and built in the USA

From raw steel to finished product. When you choose Hunter, you’re investing in more than 1,000 American workers.





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We stand beside our equipment and your purchase. Hunter Engineering Company warrants new equipment replacement parts for three years and labor for six months.

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