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SmartWeight Touch®

SmartWeight Touch®

Hunter’s SmartWeight Touch® is the fastest floor-to-floor wheel balancer of its kind with unmatched features, making balancing faster and easier.

An intuitive touchscreen interface, on-demand training videos and Hunter’s patented SmartWeight® technology, are a few key features that make the SmartWeight Touch® one of the most intuitive balancers on the market.


Featured Videos

SmartWeight Touch Balancer - At A Glance

SmartWeight Touch Balancer
Understanding SmartWeight
Understanding SmartWeight



Improve balance, minimize weight usage & maximize productivity with this wheel balancer.

Touchscreen Interface - SWT

Intuitive interface. Quickly train new technician.

eCal Auto-Calibration - SWT

With the SmartWeight Touch® wheel balancer, get true "self-calibration" with no operator input required.

HammerHead® Option

The optional Hammerhead® on this heavy duty wheel balancer speeds clip-weight placement & improves balance.


View reset procedures, updateable database & produce hard copy pages by adding an optional printer

On-Demand Videos

Simplify training & improve results with on-demand videos from Hunter.

Bottom-Dead-Center Laser - SWT

Bottom-Dead-Center lasers on the SmartWeight Touch® Wheel Balancer speeds tape-weight placement a improves accuracy.


Ensure proper centering & eliminate setup errors with CenteringCheck®.

Superior Alloy Shaft

Most durable in industry & ensures accurate balancing for years to come.

On-Screen Instruction

High-definition videos provide instruction on a variety of balancing and tire changing topics.

Live 3D graphics - SWT

Interactive display intuitively guides technicians through balancing procedures.

Wheel lift - SWT

Safely service heavy, oversized wheels & precisely center all wheels


Clamp wheels automatically, save time and effort, & eliminate wingnut

HammerHead® laser - SWT

Greater weight placement accuracy to avoid mistakes & more single-spin balances improve productivity

Printer kit with storage shelf*

Win more approvals with clear and informative printouts

Designed and built in the USA

Hunter products are engineered in the USA by 75+ technical staff, and built in four manufacturing facilities in the USA employing 1000+

Hunter Service

Hunter Engineering deploys the largest service force in the industry with more than 390+ highly-qualified, independent representatives



SmartWeight Touch Brochure

High-Capacity Balancer with Unmatched Features

SmartWeight Touch Brochure (Spanish)

High-Capacity Balancer with Unmatched Features

SmartWeight Touch Brochure (French)

High-Capacity Balancer with Unmatched Features

SmartWeight Touch Wheel Balancer Spec Sheet

SmartWeight Touch Specifications Sheet

Wheel Balancer Accessories Brochure

Wheel Balancer Accessories

spec sheet

Productivity Technology

Handle modern vehicle and get the best wheel balance possible with SmartWeight Touch
  • Better handle modern vehicles

    Get the best possible balance with SmartWeight Touch

  • Lead-free initiative growing

    Minimize weight usage - increasing number of states banning lead weights

Learn more about saving time and money with SmartWeight Touch

Revolutionary SmartWeight® by the numbers

SmartWeight® Balancing Technology
Maximize productivity and weight usage with SmartWeight technology
  • Minimizes weight usage
  • Maximizes productivity
  • Reduces comebacks
Modern vehicles are 4 times more sensitive to static vibration forces than couple or dynamic forces.
9 states have banned lead correction weights, other states will follow.

What this means for you at 10 vheicles per day …

Lead-free initiative growing
SmartWeight technology reduces lead weight use which
SmartWeight® saves 25 labor hours per year with efficient weight applications.*
See weight and labor savings based on your shop numbers with SmartWeight technology
Avoid an average of 66 comebacks per year by using SmartWeight®.**
An average shop saves 7,130 oz per year with SmartWeight®.***
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