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choosing the best
Wheel Balancer

choosing the Best Wheel Balancer for Your Shop

Choosing the best wheel balancer for your shop is an important decision, and Hunter Engineering’s experts are here to help answer all your questions and provide even more wheel balancer buying tips. Contact us today to learn more about how we can offer the best wheel balancer on the marketplace today and schedule a free demonstration!

Things to consider

How's the Wheel Balancer's User Interface?

Is the system intuitive? Wheel Balancer technicians suffer from high turnover rates – an intuitive, easy-to-use interface will increase employee effectiveness.

How is the Wheel Balancer’s Wheel Centering Accuracy?

Centering errors are a major cause of wheel balancing mistakes and customer comebacks. Make sure the wheel balancer you are considering can easily verify a wheel is centered properly.

Does the Wheel Balancer offer Vibration Diagnostics?

A properly balanced wheel doesn't always roll smoothly. A machine that can “take the assembly for a test drive” will ensure satisfied customers.

Does the Manufacturer of the Wheel Balancer offer Instructional Videos

A wheel balancer with included training assistance increases the value of your investment. On-board training videos simplify training, improve balancer results and prevent costly mistakes.

Does it have a TPMS Database?

TPMS systems are a fact of life when dealing with modern wheels and tires. A resident lookup database will make technicians faster and more efficient.

Is the Balancer Shaft Durable?

A balancer shaft will wear over time and since tolerance between the cone and shaft is critical to proper balancing it is important to verify that the wheel balancer you are considering has a durable balancer shaft that is designed to last for the life of the machine.

Does the machine have Tire Pull Diagnostics?

Radial tire pull can be difficult to diagnose. A wheel balancer that can measure it can allow your tech to find a pull problem before your customer does.

What is the Reputation of the Wheel Balancer and the Company Selling it?

Make sure the company you are buying from has a good reputation among its customers. Anyone can make a wheel balancer, but not every manufacturer stands behind their products.

Does the Manufacturer offer Service & Support?

Even the best quality wheel balancer machines break or require maintenance. Make sure that the manufacturer has a trained service organization that can get you up and running quickly.

How is the Wheel Balancer’s Warranty?

A quality machine will have a quality warranty.
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