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Paul Henny (December 2012 - August 2013)

Name: Paul Henny

School: Missouri University of Science and Technology (University of Missouri-Rolla)

Major: Electrical Engineering

Co-op period: December 2012-August 2013

Current school/company and what you do:
I am an Electrical  Engineering student at Missouri S&T and will have three semesters left
after my Co-op at Hunter.

Current Location:
I’ll be back in Rolla a couple weeks after my co-op is over.

What was the interview process like?

Pat Hutsler contacted me after reviewing my resume I submitted to Miner Jobs. He scheduled an interview with me around the Career Fair. At the interview, I answered some basic questions about experience, and I took an aptitude test. Then, I was called in for a second interview in St. Louis. I had a brief interview with Dave Voeller, where he asked about any experience I had with coding and electronics.

What did you do?
I did a lot of programming, mainly in C#. I worked on the build software. I helped make the build software quicker and count correctly. I did a lot of research on build processes and imaging software. I helped write automated software to perform file checks. I also performed a lot of QA testing on different WinAlign systems.

Would you do it again?

What did you like?
I was able to learn a lot of coding.  I was able to tackle solutions the way I felt was best.  This meant I often screwed up and caused issues, but I would learn from each experience.

What did you not like?
Some of the QA testing became repetitive, and there were some time periods that I did not have a lot to work on.

Did you learn anything?
I learned how to program. I did not have a lot of programming experience before I came here. Now I feel like I am a fairly competent programmer. I also have a basic understanding of product development.

Did the experience help you in your career?
I think the experience will definitely help me in my career. Any real-life experience will help.

Did it help you in any job interviews?
I haven't had any yet, but I'm sure it will.  I now gives me experience that relates to the job I would be applying for.

What was the dress code?
The dress code is business casual.

Was the work more individual or group work and how does it compare with what
you are doing today?

I was primarily given individual work, but I often worked with the other co-ops on the same projects. We often helped each other accomplish the tasks.

What are the pros/cons of working in Saint Louis? (Maybe compare it to where you
are now)

Working in St. Louis was an interesting experience. There was lot to do. I was able to see multiple Cardinals games. The only downside was being far away from friends and not being used to "big city" life.

What were your living arrangements during co-op?
I lived in St. Ann at Pear Tree Apartments. It was very close to work, only 7-10 minute drive. It was a decent place to live and cheaper compared to other options. If you don't have high standards of living, I would recommend it.

How was the supervision?
Dave is a great boss. He would give you a task and let you run with it. If you ever got stuck, he would either give you advice on how to proceed or give you a new task to go at.

Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?
Overall, this co-op was a great experience that I will not forget. I've learned a lot and will be able to apply the knowledge to my future endeavors.