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Hunter Engineering featuring Quick Check Drive’s enhanced automatic results display at the 2019 NADA Show

25.01.2019 -

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Hunter Engineering Company® is showcasing Quick Check Drive’s enhanced automatic results display, Flightboard, at the 2019 NADA Show, Jan. 25-27 (Booth #4605N).

First introduced 2017, Flightboard is a powerful selling tool that automatically informs customers of their vehicle’s alignment and tire tread condition in seconds. Customers can easily see if their vehicle is out of alignment or tire tread is worn with simple, color coded pass or fail results. Flightboard provides an exceptional customer experience while greatly increasing alignment and tire sales.

What’s more, Flightboard is now enhanced to help shops better offer wheel alignment service through its new safety system alignment notification. The notification informs the customer and advisor that the vehicle may be equipped with safety systems, such as electronic stability control (ESC) or adapative cruise control (ACC), that require reset with wheel alignment per the vehicle manufacturer. With Flightboard’s new safety alignment system notification, alignment service can now be sold much easier than ever before.

Come visit Hunter’s NADA Booth #4605N to see Hunter’s new autonomous alignment and tire inspections system with Flightboard.

Hunter Engineering Company® is the global leader in alignment systems, wheel and tire service, brake service and inspection lane equipment. Hunter® equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and

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