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Drive-thru Heavy Duty Inspection

Sell more service. Earn more per kilometer. Drive safer. No labor.

Touchless Inspectin

Find needed work in seconds!

  • Generate additional alignment and tyre replacement sales
  • Uncover opportunities to increase safety & decrease cost-per-mile
  • Driver performs inspection - no technician required
  • Monitor fleet status live on Flightboard
  • Supports multi-trailer configurations, dual axles, and super-single tyres 

Identify ALL major sources of tyre wear and fuel-wasting alignment conditions on ALL Axles.
ALL in one pass.

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Touchless Heavy Duty Inspection Arrives Fall 2021

Contact your Hunter Representative and and see how touchless heavy duty inspection can revolutionize your repair and fleet business.



A Complete HD Inspection Package

Discover profit-generating and cost-saving opportunities for your entire fleet of semi-trucks or other vehicles without stopping or labor


Touchless Heavy Duty Alignment and Tread Depth Inspection

Touchless alignment and 3D tread depth measurements on dual-axle and super single tyres empowers you to address fuel-wasting alignment and unsafe tread depth conditions

Real Time Results

Automatically present alignment and tyre replacement opportunities to highlight service needs and generate more business

Manage and Track Fleet Status

Powerful insight provided by HunterNet2 provide unmatched visibility on your opportunities and conversions- maximizing your return on investment

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