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Are you maximizing your shop's alignment potential?

hunter hawkeye elite alignment system

HawkEye Elite®, the most powerful wheel aligner on the market

  • Reduce setup time and trips around the vehicle to produce alignment results in just 70 seconds
  • Streamline wheel alignments with award-winning, patented WinAlign® software
  • Guide technicians using real-time 3D graphics, tool guides and 400+ videos and animations
  • Includes the most extensive vehicle database in the industry

Send a message to your local Hunter representative to receive a free pricing quote or product demo.



First Class H.A.L.T. - Anderson, SC

"We now sell more alignments in our new facility than at our older location, making the alignment machine even more profitable. Plus, the technicians love using HawkEye Elite®. The QuickGrip® adaptors make it very easy to get work started and the aligner has all the tools to help us save time and get on to the next job."

Mark Maitland-Smith

Anderson, SC


Quick setup

Three-dimensional targets clamp on easily with no damage to the wheel.


High resolution

Four camera system dedicates a camera to each wheel ensuring accuracy.


Powerful software

Award-winning WinAlign® software maximizes productivity and reduces complexity.


Safe resets

Easily reset crucial safety systems as required after a wheel alignment.


Streamline the process


Communicate with your customers

Find out what a productive wheel alignment system can do for your shop. Schedule a free demo or quote with your local Hunter representative.

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