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WinAlign® HD

WinAlign® HD

Heavy Duty customers can now diagnose tire wear conditions in 1/3 of the time. New technology from Hunter Engineering provides accurate, 3-axle wheel alignment readings in just 4 minutes.


Self-centering wheel clamps

This truck alignment equipment features standard wheel clamps that allow clamping of wheels 15-28" in diameter. Optional mini clamps.

Rolling Compensation

With this heavy duty alignment machine, no jacking is required! Compensate all sensors at once & short roll comp.

Truck Pusher

Easily move vehicle for rolling comp, rechargeable battery & doubles as a wheel chock.

Fully Integrated Alignment

Auto-locking turnplates & built-in turnplate bridges allow for rolling comp.

Cordless Operation

WinAlign® HD truck alignment equipment does not have cumbersome cables & hot-swappable batteries


Integrated electronic components enhance reliability, Lightweight, rubberized design & Impact-prone areas protected by integrated rubber bumpers.

Self-Centering Adaptors

High versatility for trucks and buses with low-hanging bumpers or air dams & Fits wheels 15 to 28 inches in diameter.

Trailer Alignment

Align wheels without unhooking from tractor! With WinAlign® heavy duty alignment equipment, perform an alignment using the optional kingpin adaptor. Accurate to 600 inches.

Spec Coverage

Class leading HD specification coverage PLUS Hunter’s comprehensive automotive database.

Six Sensors Live

Three axles live, See all measurements at once, Diagnose tire wear conditions & Reduce setup time through minimal sensor movement.

Sensor storage options

Sensor storage post (left) or cart (right) provides convenient access to alignment instruments when you need them and convenient storage when you don’t.

Remote indicator - Optional

The optional remote indicator available for the WinAlign® heavy duty alignment machine is designed to provide the operator with complete control while making adjustments to the vehicle.

Trailer guage - Optional

This optional trailer alignment gauge tool mounts sensors to the trailer kingpin. Trailer axles are adjusted to centerline.

wintoe® - Winalign

Ensure a straight steering wheel every time without repeated adjustments or using a steering wheel holder.

Automatic Bushing Calculator®

Calculate the proper bushing size and position adjustment without wasting time with a zero bushing. This truck alignment equipment eases the process of servicing Ford F-150-450's.

Rear Axle Adjustment Calculations

Cut adjustment times in half for rear axle corrections. Graphics let you get it right on the first try.

Adjustment Videos

Strengthen technician competency and extend profit opportunities with helpful adjustment videos provided by Hunter Engineering.

Frame Offset Angle Display

Measure frame offset angle and calculate adjustments to frame centerline, if a frame reference alignment is needed.

Alignment Results

Before and after alignment results from this heavy-duty alignment machine can be printed in color.

Made in the USA

Hunter products are engineered in the USA by 75+ technical staff, and built in four manufacturing facilities in the USA employing 1000+.

Hunter Service

Hunter Engineering deploys the largest service force in the industry with more than 390+ highly-qualified, independent representatives.

Featured Videos

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Semi-Trailer Quick Check

Tractor Quick Check on Floor

Tractor Quick Check on Turnplates



WinAlign HD Alignment Systems Brochure

Fast and accurate wheel alignment for multi-axle trucks

WinAlign HD Brochure (French)

Fast and accurate wheel alignment for multi-axle trucks

WinAlign HD Brochure (Spanish)

Fast and accurate wheel alignment for multi-axle trucks

WinAlign HD WT600 Series Consoles Spec Sheet

Space consideration for storage of accessories and targets.

WinAlign HD WT500 Series Consoles Spec Sheet

Space consideration for storage of accessories and targets.

WinAlign HD WT300 Series Consoles Spec Sheet

WT300 Series Consoles Specifications Sheet

WinAlign HD Alignment Systems Brochure (German)

Fast and accurate wheel alignment for multi-axle trucks

HunterNet Brochure

Your online database for vehicle information and shop statistics

spec sheet

Productivity Technology

  • Fast procedure

    Only Hunter can capture all readings in just four minutes

  • Minimal setup time

    Less trips around the vehicle and no need to jack axles to compensate

  • Fast printouts

    Easy to understand printouts with your logo help sell more work

Learn more about alignment results in four minutes

Previous setups used valuable shop time…

Standard procedures
  • Position vehicle
  • Select vehicle type
  • Jack front axle
  • Mount front sensors
  • Compensate each sensor
  • Pull turnplate pins
  • Lower front axle
  • Jack rear axle
  • Mount rear sensors
  • Compensate each sensor
  • Lower rear axle
  • Steer caster
  • Jack middle axle
  • Move fronts to middle
  • Compensate each sensor
  • Lower middle axle
  • Print results
12:00-15:00 Total

…Today, present your results in just 4 minutes!

New procedure
  • Position vehicle
  • Select vehicle type
  • Mount front sensors
  • Roll forward to compensate
  • Steer caster
  • Print results
4:00 Total
Fast printouts in 4 minutes!
Use detailed printouts featuring your company’s logo to sell more work.
  • Guides the technician

    Software analyzes each job and presents vehicle-specific procedures with the minimum steps required

  • Most data

    Most extensive vehicle database in the industry, supports 60+ axle configurations

  • Speed alignment service

    Complete alignment checks 60% faster by synchronizing aligner and lift rack

  • FIA is automatic

    Turnplates and slipplates auto-lock, and inflation station automatically inflates tires

  • Error proof your alignments

    Automates technician tasks that can be easily forgotten or skipped

Learn more about unmatched heavy-duty alignment software

When it comes to heavy-duty software, WinAlign® HD is unmatched!

The importance of software…
  • The most extensive vehicle information database
  • Vehicle-specific procedures guide your technicians with step-by-step instructions
  • Patented power tools complete the work accurately the first time, every time
  • WinAlign HD maximizes profit and productivity in your alignment bay
The importance of software…
Perform every alignment with a streamlined procedure. ExpressAlign analyzes each job and presents the optimal action sequence with the minimum steps required.
60+ Axle configurations possible
WinAlign HD software supports more than 60 customized truck, trailer and bus alignment procedures as well as passenger car and light truck alignment.
Additional power features for light-vehicle work includes:
CAMM® feature • Tools and Kits database • Digital photos/videos* • ExpressAlign® procedure • Shim Select® II feature • Work Management features
  • Determine your own ROI

    Even the most conservative numbers reveal the fast return on WinAlign HD

  • Unlock Heavy-Duty alignment profits

    Complete more alignments, one of the industry’s most profitable services

Learn more about fast returns on investment

Return on investment

  • Fast setup

    So fast and easy you can check every vehicle that comes to your shop

  • Uncover alignment work

    Heavy-duty quick check helps discover valuable alignment readings


    Alignment console and sensor combinations to suit every need.


    Regardless of bay or space constraints, Hunter has a sensor package.


    Award-winning WinAlign software delivers dozens of productivity tools.

Learn more about more alignment opportunities

HD wheel alignment profitability

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