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Quick Tread®

Driven by Hunter’s award-winning WinAlign® software, Quick Tread® — Hunter’s drive over digital tire tread depth measuring tool — automatically measures the tread depth of each tire in seconds.

Quick Tread® measures tread depth, analyzes the data on-site and instantly displays results.

Quick Tread® operation has no recurring monthly charges.



Automatic Tread Depth Measurement

Increase productivity and eliminate human error.

Automatic Vehicle Identification

Quick ID automatically identifies vehicle by turning license plate photo into VIN.

3D Tire Measurement

Patented technology more accurately measures tires, plus captures 3D image.

Results display

Flightboard auto-showcases live inspection results in the service drive or customer waiting area.

Results In Seconds

Capture accurate tread info on all vehicle traffic.

Tire Wear Analysis

Automatically identify & diagnose uneven tire wear.

Durable Design

Self cleaning and environmentally protected.

Customizable Results

Easy-to-understand results sell more services.

Track Data with HunterNet

Store tread depth records & use customer history in your marketing efforts


Secure more service authorizations with instant service and tire recommendations

Flexible Mounting Options

Available in surface or flush mount configuration

Made in the USA

Hunter products are engineered in the USA by 75+ technical staff, and built in four manufacturing facilities in the USA employing 1000+.

Hunter Service

Hunter Engineering deploys the largest service force in the industry with more than 390+ highly-qualified, independent representatives.

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Quick Tread

Quick Check Alignment with Quick Tread

Quick ID™ Automatic Vehicle Identification

Mungenast Lexus of St. Louis - #WeChooseHunter

Drive Service Revenue and Customer Retention

Quick Check Inspection with Quick Tread



Quick Tread Brochure

Drive over tread depth system

HunterNet Brochure

Your online database for vehicle information and shop statistics

Quick ID System Brochure

Automatic vehicle identification system

Quick Tread Standalone with Quick ID Printout

Sample Printout, Quick Tread Standalone with Quick ID

Quick Tread Brochure (Spanish)

Drive over tread depth system

Spec Sheet for Quick Tread Stand Alone Surface Mounted

Quick Tread Stand Alone Surface Mounted

Spec Sheet for Quick Tread Stand Alone Flush Mounted

Quick Tread - Stand Alone Flush Mounted

spec sheet


Developing Quality Technology
Featuring Sigmavision's patented tire measurement technology, Hunter's drive over tread depth measurement system is the industry's fastest and most accurate. See Sigmavision's U.S. Patent No. 8625105 to learn more.

productivity technology

Automated Results Display

Flightboard increases shop transparency and helps ease the friction of manual presentation.

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More Data Means a More Accurate Assessment

Hunter’s Quick Tread® system collects 280,000 data points (800x350) across a two-inch segment of the tire for more accurate measurement.

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Vehicle Wet Stopping Distance

Wet stopping distance is automatically estimated and displayed in visual so that an advisor can have an informative discussion with the motorist about the health of their vehicle's tires in an emergency stopping condition.

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Selling Tools

HunterNet® ( provides front-shop personnel with quick, convenient access to a vast collection of vehicle-specific undercar information to help explain and sell service.

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Management Reporting

Using work management tools, shop managers can track Quick Check® statistics and generate reports.

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Choose Your Inspection System

Quick Tread® can easily be incorporated with Quick Check® inspection systems, which provide valuable information in just two minutes about a vehicle’s:

  • identity

  • wheel alignment

  • battery health

  • diagnostics (emissions)

  • inflation

  • brake performance

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Hunter inspection technology integrates with leading industry partners to span the entire customer service experience. Our partners integrate with virtually every major dealer management and shop management system.

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