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Hunter Engineering Releases First Ever Harsh-Duty Option for Standard RX Lift Racks

6/17/2019 -

ST. LOUIS - Hunter Engineering has released an optional harsh-duty variation for its standard RX scissor lift racks.

First in the industry to introduce powder-coating on runway-style lift racks, Hunter is proud to now provide a solution for the common challenges of brine solutions that have become harmful to automobiles and automotive shop equipment in recent years.

The harsh-duty rack features stainless steel slip plate top surfaces and turnplates. A zinc-rich primer base coat and powder topcoat covers lift runways, ramps and bases; providing two layers of protection.

Additionally, the harsh-duty rack features epoxy caulked joints that prevent salt seepage between adjoining pieces of metal.

“Today’s brine solutions used on many roads are challenging automakers & equipment manufacturers alike. These solutions are so aggressive, that we decided to offer our customers additional options to keep their Hunter equipment in great condition for a long time to come,” noted Vice President of Marketing Pete Liebetreu.

Hunter’s scissor lift family offers maximum capacity in a low-profile compact package, featuring extra-wide runways and a hydraulic system to lower descent time by 50 percent. Learn more about Hunter’s scissor lift rack family features.

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