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AdriaGomme on Hunter Equipment

"Our investment yields revenues every day."


Davide Svab, of Adria Gomme in Sgonico Italy, emphasizes their long-standing relationship with Hunter and how the equipment proves to be accurate, efficient, and profitable every day.

Our long relationship with Hunter began in 1999 at our historical headquarters where we made the decision to use the sensor-driven wheel aligner and a Hunter wheel balancer.  

In 2003, when we inaugurated the new headquarters and sales point of ADRIAGOMME, the choice came back to Hunter equipment again.  

In 2022, we decided to renew the equipment again and looked to the new Hunter technology, completely renewing all the equipment of the workshop to be able to rely on the innumerable opportunities that Hunter products offer.  

In our work, there is always the need to increase and optimize services. At the common tire sales and service, we wanted to give more value to the vehicle alignment service. Our new Hunter alignment equipment offers the opportunity to check every vehicle that enters the workshop in just a few minutes using the Quick Check® setup. The results are presented directly to the customer through HunterNet®, which has become an essential tool in convincing the customer to carry out the service. Capturing all sales opportunities is crucial, especially during tyre changing seasons.  

The higher operating costs, deriving from the increase in energy and raw materials, have given a further push to try to increase the profitability of the shop, working with greater speed, and perform more practically and precise – three of the elements that distinguish Hunter from other equipment. When using the HawkEye Elite® alignment system, the easy mounting targets to the wheel and the extensive technical information of the WinAlign® software that guides us step-by-step allow us to safely operate on all types of vehicles, even with an inexperienced operator.  

Our Hunter SmartWeight® wheel balancers, with pneumatic clamping system, are a great surprise, even more precise than the previous series. We set the ROI on all machines and can see that our investment yields revenues every day. Thanks to SmartWeight®, we have noticed an improvement of balancing accuracy. Many vibration issues have been addressed with this technology. The summary of statistics on the HunterNet® portal, allows us to analyze the work in the shop and be able to optimize purchases with our providers.

Davide Svab

GEO AdriaGomme



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