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Hunter WinAlign® Vehicle Information Database Update

Keep your alignment service on track with these specification updates!


WinAlign® Vehicle Information Database Update for May 1, 2024

This release includes new records – those not yet in existence at the time of the previous release – as well as updates, covering OEM changes to existing vehicles. There are new specs for more than 550 new records, and more than 1,000 for existing records. All versions of a particular model are included in the update, encompassing hundreds of additional vehicles.

To ensure a seamless installation, contact your local Hunter team to schedule the upgrade.



New vehicle records



Updated vehicle records



Your spec update also includes...

Photos & Illustrations

View detailed line drawings or photos for alignment service procedures.


Watch explainer and demonstration videos on adjustment procedures.

Tools & Kits

If applicable

View the tools, parts, and kits needed to perform all alignment procedures.

TPMS Resets

Review vehicle-specific TPMS procedures and follow easy-to-understand instructions.

VIN Recall Support

Recall new car specs in a snap.


Allows for upload of alignment or Quick Check® results to Hunter for storage and reporting.


Allows for download of specs between updates; provides online catalog resource for adjustment information.

Safety System Alignment

Perform OE-required resets of OBD II electronics such as steering angle sensors (SAS), electronic power steering (EPS), forward camera sensors, and forward radar sensors.



Your local Hunter service representative can get your alignment service up-to-date with the newest, most accurate vehicle specifications in the industry.

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