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How to find the best wheel balancer for your shop

Choosing the best wheel balancer for your shop is an important decision. Below is a list of things to consider when researching both diagnostic and heavy-duty wheel balancers. When you are ready to learn more or want to see a Hunter wheel balancer in action, you can reach out to your local Hunter team, who can provide detailed product information, on-site demos and pricing information.


User Interface

Is the system intuitive? An intuitive, easy-to-use interface will increase employee effectiveness.


Centering Accuracy

Centering errors are a major cause of customer comebacks. Make sure the wheel balancer you are considering can easily verify a wheel is centered properly.


Vibration Diagnostics

A properly balanced wheel doesn't always roll smoothly. A machine that can take the assembly for a test drive will ensure satisfied customers.


Instructional Videos

A wheel balancer with included training assistance increases the value of your investment. On-board training videos simplify training and improves overall balance.


TMPS Database

TPMS systems are a fact of life when dealing with modern wheels and tires. A resident lookup database will make technicians faster and more efficient.


Shaft Durability

Make sure the wheel balancer you are considering has a durable balancer shaft that is designed to last for the life of the machine.


Tire Pull Diagnostics

Radial tire pull can be difficult to diagnose. A wheel balancer that can measure it can allow your tech to find a pull problem before your customer does.



A wheel balancer should last a very long time, be sure to choose one that is built to last. Hunter Engineering has local business consultants that can visit your shop and help you choose the right wheel balancer to fit your needs.


Service Support

Make sure the manufacturer supports their products in the field with a team of reliable service representatives.

Hunter Wheel Balancers

Road Force® Elite

World's fastest diagnostic balancer

HD Elite

Heavy-duty diagnostic wheel balancer

SmartWeight® Balancers

Patented SmartWeight® Technology

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