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Quick Check

Quick Check® System

Hunter’s Quick Check® is your one-stop vehicle inspection system. These fast, easy-to-use inspection systems can complete a full, comprehensive vehicle inspection in under two minutes. The Quick Check® system gathers valuable information about a vehicle’s alignment, battery health, diagnostic codes, tire health and more, allowing shops to check every car, opening the door to new revenue opportunities while improving customer retention.

Hunter’s vehicle inspection system is available in multiple configurations to suit your shop.

Quick Check® truly is the must-have vehicle inspection system for your shop. Learn more about Hunter’s industry-leading vehicle inspection systems today.


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Quick Check Inspection with Quick Tread

Quick Check Alignment with Quick Tread
Greenway Push Reports testimonial video
Push Reports Double Alignment Business At Greenway

Quick ID™ Automatic Vehicle Identification
Drive service revenue and customer retention
Drive Service Revenue and Customer Retention


Wheel Alignment

Fast verification of alignment need & boost traffic to most profitable undercar service

Drive Over Tire Tread Depth

Quick Tread automatically measures tread depth in motion & available as stand-alone system

Automatic Results display

Flightboard auto-showcases live inspection results in the service drive or customer waiting area.

Automatic Push Reports

Fully automatic daily delivery via email and text

Automatic Vehicle Identification

Quick ID automatically identifies vehicle by turning license plate photo into VIN.

Battery Health

Tests battery to OEM specs & Sends results to console wirelessly in 10 seconds

Diagnostic Check

Retrieves VIN and emission system codes from OBD-II

Tire Pressure

Automatically adjusts air pressure to user-entered OEM spec & Records before and after pressures

Handheld Tread Depth

Manual tire tread depth check

Customizable Results

Easy-to-understand results help sell tires & multiple format options.

Selling Tools

Quickly view, present, and convert alignment, tire, battery, and diagnostic service needs


Secure more service authorizations with instant service and tire recommendations

Designed and built in the USA

Hunter products are engineered in the USA by 75+ technical staff, and built in four manufacturing facilities in the USA employing 1000+

Hunter Service

Hunter Engineering deploys the largest service force in the industry with more than 390+ highly-qualified, independent representatives



Quick Check Bay Brochure

Quick Check Bay Inspection System Brochure

Quick Check Testimonial Brochure

Quick Check Testimonial Brochure

HunterNet Brochure

Your online database for vehicle information and shop statistics

Quick ID System Brochure

Automatic vehicle identification system

Quick Check with Quick ID Printout

Sample Printout of Quick Check with Quick ID

Quick Check Ordering Guide

Choose A Supergroup: Quick Check Ordering Guide

spec sheet

What our customers are saying

Blain's Supply - Janesville, WI

Hunter customer, Blain’s Supply, integrated AutoServe1 with their Quick Check® lanes across ten stores after realizing they were no longer efficient in communicating vehicle inspection findings to customers. After the integration, they immediately saw a significant increase in the average invoice in addition to less paperwork and downtime between jobs.

'AutoServe1 helps build transparency between the technicians and the customers because there is no longer work being done behind the curtains and customers can now see results at their very own fingertips.'

Pete Lombardo - Divisional Services Manager, Blain’s Supply

Elco Chevrolet Cadillac - Ballwin, MO

With the addition of Quick Tread® and Quick Check® in our service drive we are now doing anywhere from 260 to 300 alignments per month. This has really helped the bottom line. We are seeing a monthly revenue of about $20,000.

Bill Nickelson - Fixed Operations Manager, Elco Chevrolet Cadillac

Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac - Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Before the Quick Check® was installed, [we] checked ten vehicles per day.
With the three Hunter Quick Check® systems in place, 1058 vehicles were tested in 13 days, 558 of which, failed. What an opportunity this has created for the Service Department!

Mary Nurse - President, Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac Ltd.

Productivity Technology

Quick Check ROI
  • Determine your own ROI

    Even the most conservative numbers reveal the fast return on Quick Check ™

  • Uncover profitable services

    Quick Check helps discover valuable information about today’s most profitable services such as alignment and tires

Learn more about fast returns on investment
Quick Check payback analysis sample
Real-time inspection results
  • Results visible to all

    Quick Check™ results display automatically in customer waiting area or service drive

  • Go beyond paper results

    Digital presentation helps inform customers before reviewing printed results with technician

Learn more about the benefits of real-time results

Flightboard™ increases shop transparency and helps ease the friction of manual presentation.

New Flightboard
  • Automatically display of alignment and Quick Tread results
  • Designed for Service Drive or Waiting Area display monitor
  • Complete customer transparency
HunterNet with flightboard
Vehicle inspection printouts
  • Simple to Understand

    Color-coded printouts clearly show needed repairs

  • Customized to your system

    Printouts customized based on your inspection system configuration, and feature company logo

Learn more about selling more work with powerful printouts
Customize your printouts
Build a printout layout that is unique to your business and uses all of the available space on the printout.
  • Include your shop’s logo, an advertising message, coupon, or any other services
  • Provide customers up to two printouts — displaying simple and/ or technical information — or keep one for your own records
  • Select the format that has the highest impact with your customer
Shop printer

Choose the best printout for your business

Customizable vehicle inspection printout configuration 1Vehicle inspection printout view 1
Customizable vehicle inspection printout configuration 2Vehicle inspection printout view 2
Customizable vehicle inspection printout configuration 3Vehicle inspection printout view 3
  • Achieve Big Audacious Goals

    Easy-to-understand report measures output & achievements

  • Maximize Productivity

    Ensure utmost equipment utilization

  • Fully Autonomous

    Automatic, daily delivery via email and text

Learn more about HunterNet push reports
Quick check inspection configurations
  • Capture most profitable repair opportunities

    Modular inspection options can quickly check health of alignment, tires, batteries, brakes and emissions

  • Inspection results in under two minutes

    No time penalty to check every car and uncover additional repair opportunities

Learn more about custom inspection configurations

Quick Check® inspection systems provide a variety of tools to capture valuable information about a vehicles health

Drive-over Tread Depth
  • Automatically measures tread depth in motion
  • Available as stand-alone system
Wheel Alignment
  • Fast verification of alignment need
  • Boost traffic to most profitable undercar service
Automatic Vehicle ID
  • Accelerate inspection process
  • Automatic vehicle identification
Diagnostic Check
  • Retrieves VIN and emission system from OBD-II
Battery Health
  • Tests battery to OEM specs
  • Sends results to console wirelessly in 10 seconds
Tire Pressure*
  • Automatically adjusts air pressure to user-entered OEM spec
  • Records before and target pressures
Handheld Tread Depth
  • Manual tire tread depth check
measuring alignment angles with quick check system
  • Check every vehicle

    Fast setup and results in less than one minute allow shops to check every vehicle

  • More repair authorizations

    Alignment is the highest profit margin service offered by most shops

  • Multiple configurations available

    Drive-thru, drive-under, or other configurations accommodate your shop needs

Learn more about quickly measuring alignment angles

Hunter’s patented alignment check system is the quickest way to measure alignment angles that affect tire life. The test takes less than a minute to produce total toe and camber measurements for both axles. Results are displayed on the customer printout in easy-to-understand, color-coded graphics.

Checking alignment with Quick Check system
  • Check every vehicle that enters shop
  • Fastest way to check tire wear angles
  • Doesn’t tie up alignment bay
  • Available in several configurations to accommodate shop needs
  • Gain more repair authorizations with clear, informative printouts

Fixed-column configurations fit most service bay applications.

Using quick grip adaptors with quick check system
  • Fast setups
  • Adjusts easily to various wheel sizes
  • No metal-to-metal contact
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Compensate sensors and capture measurements with one forward roll

Barcode Reader

Using barcode reader with Quick Check system
  • Recall OE specs
  • Enter vehicle into system
Checking tire tread
  • Faster than other methods

    More reliable and time effective than manual tread depth measurements, results are available on-site in seconds

  • Check every vehicle

    Results in just six seconds means you can check every vehicle’s tire tread

  • Superior results

    Unit scans tread patch and reports up to six measurements per tire. More accurate than any other method

Learn more about tire tread results in 6 seconds

Quick Tread® — Hunter’s drive over tread depth unit — automatically measures the tread depth of each tire without a time loss. The unit detects tread grooves and reports up to six measurements per tire. Tread depth results are sent to the console and graphically shown on the customer printout.

Tire tread depth reader
The benefits of Hunter’s Quick Tread®
  • Captures accurate tread data on all vehicle traffic
  • No technician needed to determine tread depth
  • Much faster than manual inspection
  • Increases accuracy by eliminating guesswork
  • Easy-to-understand printouts help sell tires
  • Driven by award-winning WinAlign® software
  • Measurements processed on-site in seconds
  • No Internet connection required
  • No recurring monthly charge
  • Stores tread depth records to create customer history for use in your marketing efforts
Capture vehicle vin in motion
  • Effortlessly capture vital vehicle information

    Quick ID automatically identifies VIN, year, make, model and license plate, eliminating key strokes or barcode scans

  • Industry’s most comprehensive system

    Industry-leading license-to- VIN database and extensive license plate coverage means unmatched vehicle identification performance

Learn more about accelerating the vehicle inspection process

Quick ID™ accelerates the vehicle inspection process by automatically  identifying the vehicle in motion. Instantly capture VIN, year, make, model,  and license plate without manual key strokes or barcode scans.

Capture vehicle VIN in motion
Accelerate your vehicle inspection process
  • Automatically identify vehicle
  • Perform inspections faster and easier
  • Negate backup in the inspection lane
  • Extensive license plate coverage
  • Industry-leading license-to-VIN database
  • Multiple camera mounting options
Vehicle information shown on printout
Check vehicle diagnostic in seconds
  • Easy obd-II communication

    CodeLink® automatically retrieve VIN, diagnostic trouble codes and check engine light status

  • Doubles as remote keypad

    Simplifies entry of mileage and tire pressure specs

Learn more about diagnostic checks in 10 seconds

Hunter’s CodeLink® for Quick Check® connects directly to a vehicle OBD-II port to retrieve important information concerning emission control components and vehicle identification number (VIN) in approximately 10 seconds.

Check vehicle diagnostic with CodeLink
  • Automatically retrieves VIN
  • Detects check engine light status
  • Retrieves diagnostic trouble codes
  • Checks emission monitor status
  • Allows for entry of mileage and tire pressure specs
  • Wireless communication with console
  • Compatible with all OBD-II vehicles (1996 or newer)
Diagnostic results your customers will see...
Passed diagnostic check
Failed diagnostic check
  • Check engine light status
  • General diagnostic system review
  • Legislative trouble codes present
Check vehicle battery health in seconds
  • 20 second battery check

    Just clip device to battery, results are automatically sent to the console wirelessly

  • Based on OEM specs

    Battery evaluation based on comparison to OEM spec database

Learn more about battery health results in 20 seconds

Hunter’s battery health test measures a battery’s ability to carry electric current in about 20 seconds! The battery test uses patented technology from Midtronics, the industry leader in battery management, to give a quick, accurate evaluation of battery performance.

Hunter battery health test
  • Simple operation — just clip to the battery
  • Printout alerts customer of potential battery failure
  • Results automatically sent to the console wirelessly
  • Battery evaluation based on comparison to OEM spec database
  • Connects under the hood even on vehicles with batteries in remote locations
  • Low-current test signal to prevent possible damage to sensitive electronic components
Battery test your customers will see...
Vehicle battery health tester – Passed
Vehicle battery health tester – Needs charging
  • Measured cold-cranking amps (CCA)
  • Voltage
  • OEM cold-cranking amps
  • General battery performance
Hunter inflation station
  • Multiple options available

    Hunter’s Inflation Station is fully-integrated with Quick Check® system or available as stand alone unit

  • Tire pressure results customers can see

    Inflation station printout records beginning and final tire pressures based on specs

Learn more about inflating tires simultaneously

Hunter’s Inflation Station is fully-integrated with Quick Check® system or available as stand alone unit

Inflation station with Hunter Quick Check
Inflation station logo
  • Automatically inflate all four tires simultaneously
  • Save time by eliminating repeated manual checks
  • Integrated inflation hoses located at each wheel position
  • Tire pressures recorded on printout
  • Meets CA BAR standard for tire pressure measurement
Stand Alone Inflation Station
Standalone inflation station
Shown fully-loaded with alignment targets, CodeLink device, and battery tester
Stand Alone Inflation Station
  • Automatically inflate all four tires simultaneously
  • Save time by eliminating repeated manual checks
Inflation station gaugesInflation station gauge – four tire result
Digital tread depth gauge
  • Eliminate manual errors

    No need to write down or manually interpret each reading

  • Simple operation

    Digital gauge communicates wirelessly with console and measurements are displayed on screen as collected

Learn more about tread depth in 30 seconds

In about 30 seconds, Hunter’s patented tread depth gauge provides a quick and easy assessment of tire conditions. Handheld tread depth can be used as an alternate to drive over tread depth when space or economy are constraints.

Patented tread depth gauge
  • Choose a 1- or 3-point reading per tire
  • Wireless communication with console
  • Measurements displayed on screen as collected
  • Easy-to-understand printout displays need for replacement
  • No need to manually interpret each reading
  • No need to write down each reading
Tread depth results your customers will see..
Tread depth results on printout - Pass
Tread depth results on printout - fail
  • Percentage of tread depth remaining
  • Tire pressure*
  • Graphic showing tread depth measured
  • General condition of tires
Fixed ops selling and management reporting tools
  • Tools for Service Writers

    Help your customers make informed decisions

  • Tools for Managers

    Remote access of data available with an internet connection using HunterNet®

Learn more about selling and reporting tools

HunterNet® ( provides front-shop personnel with quick, convenient access to a vast collection of vehicle-specific undercar information to help explain and sell service.

Selling Tools

  • Display & view results automatically
  • Present and email inspection details digitally
  • Inform customers with photos and videos
  • Drive repair authorizations and revenue to new levels
HunterNet tools

Reporting Tools

  • Measure inspection performance
  • Analyze alignment service opportunities
  • View inspection trends
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improvement
HunterNet reporting tools

See your service opportunities virtually anywhere, anytime.

Service drive reporting tools Service drive reporting tools
Seamless shop management integration
  • Enhance customer intake process

    Present Hunter inspection results digitally and make tire replacement offer at the vehicle

  • Increase technician productivity

    Automate electronic multi-point inspection results, capture photos and videos of needed repairs

  • Mobile delivery of results

    Send complete inspection results to customer via text or email, lets you sell more service to off-site customers on-the-go

Learn more about providing a seamless customer experience

Hunter inspection technology integrates with leading industry partners to span the entire customer service experience. Our partners integrate with virtually every major dealer management and shop management system.

  • Capture every service opportunity with streamlined process
  • Save time and energy by eliminating duplicate entries
  • More satisfying experience for enthusiastic technicians
  • Ensure profitable service recommendations are always presented to customer
  • Choose your integration partner
  • Maximize revenue
  • Increase customer retention
Hunter and Dealer Tire integration
Customer Intake
  • Present digital inspection results
  • Make tire replacement offer at the vehicle
  • Add services to repair order
Electronic Multi-Point Inspection (EMPI)
  • Automate electronic multi-point inspection items
  • Capture digital photos and videos
  • Increase technician productivity
Digital Service Recommendations
  • Mobile delivery of inspection results via text or email
  • Self-guided, informative service experience
  • Interactive content with photos and videos
  • Sell more services to off-site customers on-the-go
Hunter and AutoServe1 integrationHunter and autopoint integration
Hunter and identifix integration
  • Focus on relevant repair data

    Quick Check turns Identifix repair data into an easy-to-read graph that displays the likelihood of relevant repairs

  • More informed customers

    Detailed printout shows customers the likelihood of needed repairs

Learn more about selling more diagnostic work

Quick Check® now has the capability to retrieve potential repair information in the inspection lane to help your customers to make more informed decisions and your shop to sell more diagnostic services.

Hunter Quick Check and Identifix integration printout
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