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The Growth of Difficult Tire and Wheel Fitments

The trend continues — difficult-to-service tire & wheel assemblies now represent 73% of fitments offered by OE manufacturers.

Low-profile, run-flat, large diameter and heavy assemblies have proved difficult to service across multiple OEMs, requiring technicians to be skilled when using conventional tire changers. While low-profile tires have become the most prevalent in the last few years, all new fitment styles increase the likelihood of additional risks: damaging wheels, breaking TPMS sensors, or even technician injury.

It is vital for automotive service providers to be equipped with the most advanced, OEM-derived technology on the market today. This allows equipment, instead of the technician, to eliminate fitment challenges, as difficult-to-service assemblies continue to become the norm.

graph growth of difficult tire and wheel fitments

Heavy Assembly

  • 30"+ overall diameter
  • Benefits from wheel lifts and other weight control features

Large Diameter

  • 20"+ overall diameter
  • Somtimes require special clamping considerations


  • Very stiff
  • Requires special procedures and press devices


  • 45-series or lower
  • Often stiff
  • Requires special procedures and press devices

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