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Hunter Industry Insights

Finding the Best Alignment Machine for Your Shop

Want to make sure you're making the right choice for your business? Read further for important considerations when researching wheel alignment machines and how innovative and productive Hunter alignment equipment can boost your shop's profitability. When you're ready to learn more, contact your local Hunter team for detailed product information, onsite demos and pricing options.

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Quick stats

Wheel alignments

Alignments are a large underserved market, with up to 50% of all vehicles on the road today out of alignment. 

  Alignments are a highly profitable and easily performed in-house service, with a $70+ average profit margin.

  Proper wheel alignment maximizes fuel economy. Vehicles with poor wheel alignment can suffer a decrease in fuel efficiency by up to 7%.

Benefits of wheel alignments



Wheel Alignments



Top 9 things to consider

What defines a good wheel aligner?


A wheel alignment machine may not be the least expensive piece of equipment a shop purchases, but it will have one of the fastest returns on investment. With a ready supply of work, high margins and the ability to do alignments all day, every day, it's easy to calculate a payoff date.

Vehicle-Specific Procedures

Vehicle manufacturers have set specific alignment specifications for every vehicle they produce. Ensure the aligner you choose maintains current information and can guide the technician through the correct procedures.

OBD2 Interface

An increasing number of modern vehicles have advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). These systems can be impacted by mechanical wheel alignment adjustments. Does the aligner you're considering allow you to meet these safety requirements?

Vehicle Protection

Does the equipment protect the wheel and rest of the vehicle from damage? Can it handle the range of vehicles you will see in your facility?

Training Assistance

Even the most experienced technician will occasionally see unfamiliar vehicles. Knowing which adjustments are available and how to use them can save valuable time.


Does the wheel alignment equipment you're considering feature any software tools to make common adjustments faster and easier?

Speed & Efficiency

While all wheel aligners are designed to complete the job, some do it much more efficiently than others. Consider whether your aligner has the capability and durability to handle high-production work.


Vehicle Manufacturer Approval

In the equipment world, vehicle manufacturers test equipment to ensure it's capable of measuring vehicles to the appropriate level of accuracy. Has the equipment been tested and approved by any third party, such as vehicle manufacturers?

Service Support

Make sure the manufacturer supports its products in the field with a team of skilled and reliable service representatives.

Intro to Wheel Alignments

Hunter University

Designed for all student levels and can be used as an integral supplement to instructor-led training courses. Register now



Shop types

How do shops benefit from wheel alignments?

General repair shops

General repair shops should always keep alignments in-house. Alignments are day-in, day-out profitable work. Hawkeye Elite® 

Tire dealers

For every set of tires sold, tire dealers can add alignments as a value-added service. Hawkeye Elite®  


Wheel alignments are vital after a collision. Additionally, alignment is usually the first step in the ADAS calibration process, which is another way collision shops can keep profits in-house.  Collision Alignment 

Calibration centers

Nearly all ADAS calibrations begin with an alignment. If the vehicle is out alignment, then subsequent ADAS calibrations could be at risk. Hawkeye Elite®   DAS 3000

Automotive dealerships

Alignments are one of the pillars of service provided by any dealership, while also serving as a gateway to a steady stream of profitable ADAS work.  Hawkeye Elite®  HawkEye® XL

Heavy-duty shops

Wheel alignments are 70% underserved in the heavy-duty market. Proper alignment has a sizeable impact on fuel economy and tread wear in the HD field. HawkEye® XL

Government & Education

Saving fuel and reducing tire wear through period wheel alignment extends the annual budget for public service vehicles. 



Features of alignment systems

What are the most important alignment system features?

Camera sensor technology

High-resolution cameras can provide alignment measurements with precision and accuracy while keeping electronics up and out of harm's way. 

Wheel-mounted targets

Consider installation time, wheel and tire fitment coverage, and rim protection with no metal-to-metal contact.


Your software should provide an extensive vehicle information database and vehicle-specific procedures, frequently updated.

OE vehicle specifications

Proper adherence to OE specifications will ensure that the vehicle's wheels are precisely aligned. 

Printout documentation

Printouts should include all captured readings and record accurate measurements and details of the alignment. 

Compatible with ADAS calibrations

It is highly recommended that a wheel aligner can prepare a vehicle for calibration.



Types of camera configurations

How can aligner cameras be configured?

Cabinet-mounted cameras


Cabinet-mounted configuration allows service in multiple alignment bays and provides a manual lift camera adjustment for a wide range of lift heights.

Movable cameras

Patented & exclusive

Motorized and manual movable-camera configurations provide a full range of vertical travel for additional lift height. 

Wall- or ceiling-mount cameras


Wall- and ceiling-mount configurations are perfect when space is at a premium.

Fixed-column cameras


Fixed-column cameras will be suitable for most service bay applications.



Console lineup

What are the types of aligner consoles?

Large console

Maximum storage space and convenient mobility

Compact console

Mobile console unit for tighter spaces







Wall-mounted console

The most compact configuration — mount to wall or sensor column



Which alignment rack to choose?

Finding the best alignment rack is an important decision. We've prepared a list of considerations to guide your research. See them here



Browse aligners

Wheel alignment solutions for every market need


Featured aligner

Hunter HawkEye Elite®

The world standard in wheel alignment equipment

Supports light and some medium-duty vehicles.

Learn more

Made in the USA

3-year warranty

Local sales team

HawkEye® XL

Perform fast alignments for trucks and more

Collision Alignment

Find hidden damage before it finds you



Wondering about your return on investment?

Easily calculate your expected revenue and quick payoff with the most profitable undercar service.

Wheel Alignment ROI




  • What is a wheel alignment?

    Wheel alignment is an important part of a properly functioning vehicle. A typical alignment consists of three main angle measurements: toe, camber and caster. All three of these angles must remain within the specifications provided by the OEM, or original equipment manufacturer. When out of specification, misalignment affects gas mileage, tire wear and general safety.

  • Is wheel alignment necessary?

    Yes, wheel alignment is necessary. Alignments are essential for the performance and longevity of tires and the overall safety of the vehicle.

  • How long does wheel alignment measurement take?

    Hunter's HawkEye Elite® alignment machine can take as little as 70 seconds to capture alignment measurements. Learn more

  • What are the benefits of wheel alignments?

    Some of the many benefits of wheel alignment include reduced tire wear, improved handling, maximizing fuel economy and safer driving.

    Benefits of wheel alignment

  • What is the return of investment on wheel alignments?

    Substantial. Calculate your payoff and revenue with the most profitable undercar service. Calculate potential alignment profits here 

  • How to find training on wheel aligners?

    You can find more information on wheel aligner training and support on the Hunter Engineering YouTube channel or through Hunter training



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