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Prime Inc. on Hunter HawkEye® XL

“I can get an alignment done in 15 minutes. With the old system it was 25 to 30 minutes.”


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Vernon Embree, Service Technician at Prime Inc. in Springfield, MO can do more alignments per day with much less fatigue by using their new HawkEye® XL aligner. Their shop sees 1,000 trucks per week, so their ability to now keep up with that flow benefits their business all the way down to the profits.

“For us it’s more income. We bring in more money, more revenue, using a more efficient machine.”

“We get paid by what we do, so the more we do, the more we get paid,” says tech Vernon Embree. “I like to start my day off and just keep going.” The new HawkEye® XL commercial aligner was designed for techs like Vernon and commercial shops like Prime Inc. in Springfield, MO in mind. With “nonstop traffic” of 1,000 trucks flowing through per week, the XL keeps up, and then some.

“It just speeds everything up,” Vernon says. “I can get an alignment done in 15 minutes. With the old system it was 25 to 30 minutes.” Vernon has gone from 15 alignments to as many as 26 in one day. “The wear and tear on your body is a lot less,” he says. “Makes life easy.”



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